Team members and professional gamers from Status Quo, Warriors, and Carbon answer the one question we all want to know about Halo: Reach.

What do you like most about Halo: Reach?

“The Bloom change.” –Kyle Markley, Coach of Status Quo

“My favorite updates on Halo: Reach are the maps/forge world, DMR, and the load outs. The new maps and what you can do in forge world is incredible and will take MLG far. The DMR, despite not having a burst, is a very consistent weapon that will grow to be loved by a lot of people. The load outs make this a completely different game, and I’m looking forward to playing this game competitively. All of these bring unfamiliar aspects to competitive play and will be fun to master.” –Nocturnal Kernel, Warriors

“My favorite Halo: Reach update has to be the addition of the armor abilities. They bring a new dimension to the game which can make Halo: Reach even more competitive. The game will not be based simply on individual skill and teamwork but also the use of these new armor abilities. “ –Assault, Status Quo

“I love the bloom on the DMR. I really feel like Bungie made it perfect!” –Ant, Coach of Carbon

“I personally love the overall flow of Reach a lot more than Halo 3. In Halo 3 the game-play was kind of choppy, but in Reach everything feels smooth. It definitely makes the competitiveness of the game increase. I also feel like Reach is going to be more involved with teamwork than Halo 3. Which is also good because it is a team game, and one player shouldn't be able to take over a game.” –Enable, Status Quo

“I like the idea that the DMR is harder to use than the Halo 3 BR. It's also much more lethal at medium-long range distances than the BR. It seems so far in Reach that you can really outskill players more in 1 on 1 or even 1 on 2 battles with the DMR. Then again there are times where it seems that it can be inconsistent. I'll just have to see how it plays out in actual 4v4s on LAN.” –Robbie.B, Warriors

“Some of my favorite updates in Reach would be the complete revamp of the medal system and the accessibility of game settings, so that experimentation can be used to implement the most competitive game types.” –Ace, Status Quo

“My favorite update is the DMR. I feel like its going to spread the skill gap open from Halo 3 and be a better weapon for competitive play than the BR is. I think it could use an update to lower the effectiveness of spamming though.” –Chiig, Carbon

Watch all these players and more in replays of the Red Bull LAN.



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