"Bass music and post-dubstep is a more attractive context than 'I don't know what this is,'" says Andrew Ryce of Resident Advisor. "But as you do that, it does create this narrative and this idea of a genre that doesn't exist."

That's the topic of the second episode of H∆SHTAG$, the new Red Bull Music Academy series on new music in the Internet age. Through interviews with groups like Bondax and Mount Kimbie and Thristian bPM of Boiler Room, we get to see how a musical identifier is born.

Some of it occurs through the Internet's tools of dissemination, as the two members of Bondax, out of Lancaster, England, point out. In referring to YouTube, the group's George Townsend says, "Related stuff creates streams of people going to certain types of music."

"It's forcing a narrative on something that's diasporic and can't have a narrative," says Ryce. "These producers aren't coming together trying to produce a sound. Everyone's kind of doing their own thing."

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