Did you miss the Hey Monday live set from the Red Bull Space? Follow up with the recap and tune in for the replay.

The air inside the Red Bull Space in New York City was a wet blanket of anticipation and nervous tension. A small, intimate crowd tried their best to hold back their excitement as they held their breath awaiting the arrival of Hey Monday -- an almost overnight sensation set to perform songs from their new EP, 'Beneath It All.'

At the 7:00 hour (EST), Host Allison Hagendorf finally uttered the words the fans had been waiting to hear, and Hey Monday took the stage; Alex Lipshaw (rhythm guitar) to the left, Cassadee Pope (lead vocals center), and Mike Gentile (lead guitar) to the right. With a few words and just a few moments to situate themselves, the trio delivered the first song of the night, 'Wish You Were Here,' which ended with an overwhelming ovation from the crowd.

No doubt a relief as the band is coming off the departure of bass guitarist Jersey Moriarty just one week ago, which mirrored the loss of drummer Elliot James late last year. Never slowing down, even with an unexpected change in their line-up, Hey Monday has essentially been on tour for the past two years, proving the bands dynamic is strong enough to withstand the shuffle of members, and the stress of non-stop traveling.

We were probably the ‘poppiest’ band, but everyone was so nice and none of the other bands beat us up.

The second track played was 'Wonder Girl,' which recalled small bits of a Michelle Branch sound. Both Allison and Cassadee mentioned the obvious influence during the break between sets. To further cement her respect for Michelle Branch, when asked who she’d like to work with in the future, Cassadee responded “Blink 182 or Michelle Branch.”

Allison then read questions from fans viewing the video stream online. One of the topics was directed toward Cassadee, asking what it was like to be on the Warped Tour, especially being one of the only girls, to which she responded: “We were on the Altec Lansing stage and almost all of the other bands were hardcore; we were probably the ‘poppiest’ band, but everyone was so nice, and none of the other bands beat us up, haha! This year had more girls than any other Warped Tour, so it was definitely cool to be able to meet with them and share stories and frustrations with the other girls.”

With a few more fan questions fielded, the group went into their current single and video track, 'I Don’t Want to Dance,' which ironically sent many of the audience members to their feet to dance to the iTunes single of the week hit. As the play list continued, the bands momentum could be felt throughout the room and the vibe became more personal than professional – leaving a lasting impression on a group of dedicated fans at the Red Bull Space and its accompanying online audience.




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