Ian "Enable" Wyatt at home in Delaware Christopher Patey/Red Bull Photofiles

Barely a week has passed since Ian “Enable” Wyatt became part of the Red Bull family and he is already making waves and taking home wins with his most credible accomplishment to date: second place at the national pro circuit tournament this weekend in Dallas, Texas.

“I really wanted to win!” exclaimed Ian. “I’m proud we got as far as we did, but next year, I want to take it home.”

Ian and his Status Quo teammates were able to break from their infamous “fourth-place curse” by overthrowing the second and third-seeded teams – both of which they struggled with in the past. After advancing to the final series, the guys held their own while taking on players who have placed first in the last two tournaments with the most winning player in professional Halo history on their team.

Ian wasn’t the only Red Bull gamer who earned his way into a coveted spot at the national event. Dave “Walshy” Walsh and his team rounded out the season with an eighth-place finish. Walsh, who had never finished lower than 3rd in a national competition, quickly threw his support behind his Red Bull teammate and cheered his team on during their path to the finals.

Both of their achievements will carry over into next season as the teams maintain their final rankings and switch over to the newly released Halo: Reach – a game that grossed more than $200 million in its first week on sale.






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