AraabMuzik knows how to get the crowd moshing Catie Laffoon/Red Bull Media House

AraabMuzik, who is currently on tour with Sleigh Bells, just dropped a trippy new track, 'After Hours' (you can stream at the bottom of the page). We recently spoke with the hip-hop producer to discuss his upcoming projects and his high-energy shows, which he says he rarely practices for -- “I just plug in and go!”

What are you working on right now?

I'm putting out a remix album with Ultra Records. I did a remix with Linkin Park. I'm working with a lot of new artists. I dropped a new track with Danny Brown. I'm doing a lot of things -- a lot of albums, a lot of new projects, a lot of new tours, commercials and everything. Life is good right now. I can't complain.

nullCatie Laffoon/Red Bull Media House

Why do you go by AraabMuzik?

It's just a name a friend gave me a few years ago. He gave me the name Young Araab and a couple of years later I added "Muzik" because it was my music that he was listening to. That's how that came about.

Do you spend a lot of time at home experimenting and practicing with the MPC or is it all just live?

It's all natural. It's a gift, and now I'm seasoned to do everything I do. I don't really practice or have time to do the things that I used to before since I'm always on tour.

nullCatie Laffoon/Red Bull Media House

How many MPCs do you have going at the same time?

On stage, I have two MPCs. I'm using the 2500 limited editions

Do you mess around with a lot of the different knobs and effects or do you just play them straight?

I just play it straight. I don't ever really mess around with anything else.

Your shows look pretty energetic. Do you get a good workout up there when you're on stage?

Definitely! My forearms, my calves because I move around a lot. I do like hour sets so I definitely get a lot of working out from that.

nullCatie Laffoon/Red Bull Media House

Do you ever feel pressure playing live, like you need to out-do yourself?

Since everything is live and freestyle, I never repeat exactly what I did at the other shows but depending on how large the crowd is or how big the venue is, that's when I really put on a big show. It's always something new and something different. I change my sets up every couple weeks and add new things.

Moshing seems to be a normal occurrence at your shows...

Yeah. It's just something natural that happens. It just forms. I'm used to seeing that a lot. The stuff that I do is so energetic that it just gets the people turned up all the way. I had a show once where everyone was actually in a mosh pit. It looked like a giant tornado in the center! I don't have time to look because I have to focus on what I'm doing but I've definitely seen a lot of crazy stuff out there where people could get hurt. I guess they don't feel it from being so pumped up.

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