Winner of the Los Angeles Red Bull Thre3Style qualifier D-JR knows how to play one instrument, and it's called the turntables.

Years DJing: 11
Location: Los Angeles

First album/song you ever bought?

The Doors' self-titled debut and Wu Tang '36 Chambers,' first CDs I bought same day as a kid.

Vinyl vs. Digital?

I love digital but it's gotta have turntables attached!

Best song to get the crowd moving?

Earth wind and fire, 'September.'

What's the 'Don't Stop Believing' of 2013?

This question is so regional, in some places it's 'Pop That.' Some places, it's 'Don't Worry Child,' and some places it's still even 'Don't Stop Believing' just depends.

When do you play your ‘Don’t Stop Believing’?

Close to the beginning of peak hour… whenever there is about 1.5 hours left in a nightclub.

How important is it to know the regions musical tastes?

Haha! Refer to the question above! It's super duper important!

How many records/mp3s do you own?

Around 2,000 records still. And about 300 gigs of MP3s

Dream venue?

Hollywood Bowl, so much history there.

How do you start your set?

I go right for the crowd in a nightclub setting, why wait!

Dream collaboration?

DJ Craze or the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man… it's a toss up.

Most annoying song request?

Requests are only slightly annoying when it's too early in the night for a HUGE track.

What was the riskiest mash up you’ve ever done?

Aerosmith, 'Dream On' vs. Biggie, 'Juicy.' Back in 2005 you could really play some rock at clubs, I would loop Steven Tyler belting 'Dream onnnn,' go into 'It Was All A Dream' on acapella over the guitar riff. Thought it was rad, it wasn't, yikes…haha.

What’s your guilty favorite song?

The Scorpions' 'No One Like You' and Lil Boosie's 'Wipe Me Down,' damn those are tough, but it's true!

Do you know how to play any instruments?

Yes, the turntable!

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