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Scoring a few minutes with Jessie Ware is not an easy task. Between a rigorous touring schedule, a Mercury Prize nomination, and promoting her U.S. EP, 'If You're Never Gonna Move,' it seems that everyone wants a piece of the rising British singer/songwriter.

Since the 2012 release of her debut album, 'Devotion,' which was recorded in the Red Bull Studios London, the 28-year-old vocalist has been at the top of everyone's buzz list, selling out the majority of her shows and drawing comparisons to the likes of Adele, SBTRKT, and Sade.

Following her European success, Ware captivated American audiences with her five-track EP, 'If You're Never Gonna Move,' which came out on Island Records last month. She’s currently in the midst of a European tour and will head back to the States this spring.

We were lucky enough to catch up with the 'Wildest Moments' singer to chat about her transition from football journalist to rock star, the success of her debut album, 'Devotion,' and what's on her agenda for the rest of 2013.

nullCatie Laffoon/Red Bull Media House Did you always want to be a singer?

Jessie Ware: When I was 16, I wanted to be a football journalist. I was obsessed with Manchester United and worked at the Daily Mirror newspaper, which I loved. Then it went from football to me thinking I would be a 'hard-hitting' journo. Neither were that suited to me really. Are you still shocked by the reception to 'Devotion?' Did you imagine that the album would do as well as it has?

Jessie Ware: Never. I just made an album I liked and hoped my friends and family would be into. It's a huge compliment and I'm still surprised by how generously it has been received.

nullCatie Laffoon/Red Bull Media House Is there a general theme to the tracks on the album? Anything in particular that you were going through when you wrote the songs on it?

Jessie Ware: Two are about being scared of the dark, but it's the usual: romance, love, relationships and a bit of fantasy. What's your favorite track off of 'Devotion?' Why?

Jessie Ware: I think 'Running' or 'Wildest Moments.' It's great to see the reaction of the crowd for both these songs and I feel like tear songs helped me feel more confident as a songwriter. Is it true that you wrote 'Night Light' about your boyfriend and that he wasn’t a big fan of it? What’s his favorite track on your album?

Jessie Ware: He likes it, but I think he wishes 'Sweet Talk' was about him! And he always gets people saying they love 'Wildest Moments' thinking it's about him when it's about my best mate Sarah. How would you best describe your live show? What can people expect when they buy a ticket to your concert?

Jessie Ware: It has a slightly different personality to the record. It's a bit bigger and I belt a little more. Expect me to chat a load of rubbish between songs, too.

nullCatie Laffoon/Red Bull Media House Are you working on new material? Any plan for a follow-up to 'Devotion' anytime soon?

Jessie Ware: I have no time to write at the moment. But I am thinking about new material. I hope the next album comes sometime next year, I guess. What’s been the coolest thing that you’ve gotten to do so far in your music career?

Jessie Ware: Travel to different countries. I am in Australia at the moment doing a touring festival. I have never been here before, and it's just so exciting to be going to places like the States and Australia and places in Europe. I feel very lucky. Also playing with the Roots on Jimmy Fallon was special.

nullCatie Laffoon/Red Bull Media House Aside from singing, what is one thing that you’d like to try out or pursue in the near future?

Jessie Ware: I wouldn't mind being in one of those musical films! And I just want to eat lovely food.

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