Dragonettes Martina Sorbara, Dan Kurtz and Joel Stouffer Catie Laffoon/Red Bull Media House

Dragonette, the electropop group from Canada, have been cranking out sassy tunes since 2005, but they really broke out in 2010 when singer Martina Sorbara collaborated on Martin Solveig's EDM anthem "Hello."

The band released their third album, 'Bodyparts,' in September and have been on tour since. We caught up with Sorbara before a Dragonette show in L.A. to talk about 'Bodyparts,' body parts, neon tape and taking down deadmau5.

Tell us about 'Bodyparts.'

It's exciting. We are really proud of this record. It was a long time coming. It took like two years because we are not very prolific.

We get easily distracted by touring. At a certain point, we had to just say no more taking shows or flying across the world for one-off shows. We're such junkies for that. We live for that stuff, but at a certain point we were like, “OK, if we want to keep doing that we have to actually make another record.” We had to cut that off for a while.

Why did you name it 'Bodyparts'?

I thought it was a cool word. It was like the headline on a blog that I was reading, and they were talking about “bodyparts” as a piece of art and the image that went along with it was not just dismembered arms and legs. It was something very different and kind of cheerful and all of a sudden I saw the words different and I thought “bodyparts” was something musical and physical.

On that note, in a dorky Seventeen Magazine kind of theme, what's your favorite body part?

I guess my hands and my throat because I can make things and I can sing. If I had to choose just one -- I really love having hands because I love creating.

Do you guys still have a rivalry with deadmau5? We heard he was a little bent out of shape after you beat him out of a Juno award.

No, we have no beef with him [Laughs]. There’s no animosity. He's known to say snarky remarks, but he's a really nice guy. I think he was surprised that he didn't win because we always win and we were surprised that we won because we always lose.

nullCatie Laffoon/Red Bull Media House

Have you met him before?

I can't remember. I don't think so. I've definitely never met anybody with a big fuzzy mouse head. I'd probably remember that. The question would be whether or not I've met Joe Zimmerman but I don't think I have.

There's a photo floating around of you bored while rehearsing and playing dress up with neon gaffer tape. There were eyebrows and faces involved. That sounds like it has the potential to turn into an impromptu waxing session...

Yeah, I did pull out a lot of my eyebrows, unfortunately, and I can't really afford to lose any more eyebrow hair.

Rehearsal -- when it's up and running and fully flowing -- is awesome and obviously a lot of fun. But before that there is so much sitting around and excruciating boredom, figuring out the tech side of shit. I don't have any gear. I'm singing. I'm fucking ready. I'm here. “Let's do this.” I don't need to spend 20 minutes tweaking stuff. I'm like, “Fuck all this.” So I was just like, “OK, fine. I'm gonna tape my face up then.”

It's a good photo though.

That's the cool thing. I guess it was worth it!

nullCatie Laffoon/Red Bull Media House

You're from Canada originally but have been living in London. How's life on the other side of the pond?

Our house is still there, and our furniture is still there, but we are relocating to Toronto. I'd say we're halfway relocated. Our wonderful cat is there all by himself, which makes me sad. Our neighbors are feeding him right now.

Our plan is to move to Toronto full-time. I'm sad a little bit, but all of our family lives in Toronto. We were in London for seven years so obviously we got well rooted there and we had amazing friends there. We're ready to begin another era.

Does the cat get to make the move with you eventually?

Oh yeah. I just have to go over and figure out some paperwork and fly him back. There are actually two cats – there's one of them that I don't like but I have to take him back with me too, unfortunately.

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