Felix Baumgartner lands on both feet in the New Mexico desert balazsgardi.com/Red Bull Media House

Felix Baumgartner captured the imagination and hearts of millions as he jumped from an astounding 128,097 feet above the Earth, breaking the speed of sound in his long free fall. For the first time since that dramatic jump, Felix speaks about his achievement and what the future holds for him.

How do you feel now that you’ve had a couple of days since your jump on October 14 to think about your achievements?

It’s still too much to fully comprehend. Besides the physical exhaustion and mental exhilaration, the huge response from people from around the world has been humbling. I am still taking it all in, and I truly appreciate all the good wishes and congratulations that have come my way. It’s been incredible.

What are your plans for the near future?

While I’ve enjoyed my time in New Mexico and will never forget my experiences -- or the people -- here, it’s time for me to start working my way home. I am heading to Los Angeles today, where I stayed while I did a lot of my training. I’ll enjoy some Southern California sunshine while I pack up and continue to try to absorb what I’ve experienced. I’ll also have a few media interviews while I’m in that area -- the local media there have been fantastic throughout my stay.

Then I’ll fly to the U.S. East Coast for a media tour in New York City and Washington D.C. on Monday and Tuesday. After that, I’ll get on the long flight back to Switzerland and -- not too long from now -- also Austria, to re-connect with all the family and friends who are waiting for me. I can’t wait to see them!



How about long term? What are your plans?

Helicopters! You can’t keep me out of the air. I have already been flying as a commercial helicopter pilot in Europe, and now I will have the time to take that aspect of my career to the next level. I’m really looking forward to it.

While you’re moving on to new adventures, people still can’t seem to get enough of Red Bull Stratos. How can they learn more?

A feature-length documentary produced by the BBC and National Geographic is coming out later this fall. It will cover the project from the early stages through to the present -- I just finished the last filming with their crew today. I’ll enjoy seeing it and reliving the adventure myself!

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