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Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, who make up the cheery pop group Karmin, have been engaged since 2010 but have ceased to form any concrete wedding plans. The couple says that 2013 is their year.

“Our New Year's resolution is to get married,” jokes Heidemann.

Wedding bells won't the only thing in the cards for the two, who first caught fire on YouTube and then exploded onto the charts with their first album 'Hello' -- and then made the cover of Rolling Stone.

We recently caught up with Karmin to hear about mixing business with love, what it's like to play in front of Shaq and what we can expect from their next record.

What's it like touring as an engaged couple? Do you ever get sick of being around each other 24/7?

Amy: We've actually grown closer, which I think is a miracle. Sometimes we step back and all the music aside it's amazing that we --

Nick: Still like each other. It can be insane. You're literally 24 hours a day constantly around each other and constantly doing the same things. It can be intense, but it is very cool at the same time because we're both experiencing the same things at the same time.

You're on the road a lot so it's probably hard to make wedding plans. Have you started thinking about those?

Nick: We have. The original date was last year and obviously that hasn't happened. At this point, it's going to be next year. We're just going to figure it out and do it.

We've also heard rumblings of a new Karmin album coming out in 2013. Have you started recording yet?

Nick: We already have about six or seven songs that are probably going to make the album at this point. We're tentatively about halfway done.

When can we expect the album?

Amy: We're pushing for spring or early summer.

Is the new album going to be a lot different than your past sound?

Nick: We definitely matured a bit. The first one was more of a glorified EP so kind of a collection of singles/get-your-foot-in-the-door type thing. This one is going to sonically and lyrically make more sense as a whole album.

Are you going to collaborate with anyone on it?

Nick: We sure hope so.

Amy: We are talking to L.A. Reid about it and trying to find the right people. He wants fresh people and we want all the old people. We want like Missy Elliott!

What's the getting ready for the show process like?

Amy: I do my own hair except for award shows and TV shows. We do have a stylist but sometimes I pick my own accessories.

Nick: Our stylist dude's name is Antonio. He's the best.

Amy: I am obsessed with beauty. We're working on a website called Karminology and it's all my obsessions -- just an outlet for them because I love it.

When does Karminology launch?

We wanted it to come in November. If you go there now, it's just like “Coming in November.” We're thinking top of the year, too.

And it will be a bunch of beauty tips and things that you like?

Amy: It will be beauty stuff first. I'm designing it so it's a He Said/She Said blog so it's like Nick's side/Amy's side. My guess is there will be some movie reviews and sports stuff. It will be a nice combo I think.

What are your plans for the holidays?

Nick: We're doing a lot of Christmas shows and then I'm going to Maine, and Amy's going to Nebraska for Christmas.

Amy: We're separating.

Nick: And then we're meeting and doing New Year's in Anguilla, which is this British West Indies island somewhere and it's going to be really nice.

Is it a big festival show?

Amy: We did it last year and they invited us back. It's very VIP and filled with people like Michael Jordan. It's a super celebrity resort.

Nick: We went there and we were like, “Are you sure you wanted us?”

Amy: We are playing on New Year's Eve and then we get to stay for a few days.

Is that nerve-racking looking out into the audience and seeing people like Michael Jordan?

Nick: Well, he wasn't in the audience. Shaquille and Ellen were there.

Amy: There were record label presidents. You know, just really poor people.

Nick: The owner of the Mets and Phillies. I was like, “Oh! I'm from Maine. Nice to meet you.”

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