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Houston Red Bull Thre3Style winner OG Bobby Trill says early '90s hip-hop is the best to get the crowd moving. See what else he has to say about rocking a party.

Name: OG Bobby Trill
Twitter: @OGbobbyTrill
Years DJing: 14 years
Location: Houston, TX

First album/song you ever bought?

I bought four records my first go: Amber's 'Li Da Si,' RZA's 'b.o.b.b.y.,' Basement Jaxx's 'Red Alert,' and a DJ Rectangle battle record.

Vinyl vs. Digital?

Both. I think it’s always important to incorporate the old with the new. I don’t think I’ll ever switch to straight MIDI controller. I love the feel of a record pressed up on my hand.

Best song to get the crowd moving?

Early '90s hip-hop. At Bombon, a tropical dance party I’m a part of, Super Mer Ka 2's 'Que Calor' always works.

What's the 'Don't Stop Believing' of 2013?

'Don’t Stop Believing.'

When do you play your ‘Don’t Stop Believing’?

Definitely towards the end, once people have a few drinks, and can feel comfortable mumbling the words.

How important is it to know the regions musical tastes?

MEGA important! Even playing big tunes local to the city you’re in is important. Let's people know that their city or regional music taste matters to outsiders.

How many records/mp3s do you own?

Too many.

Dream venue?

Red Bull main stage at SXSW.

How do you start your set?

The word play in my intro had a banger in it so it got the crowd’s attention about 30 seconds in. Then I flipped a local banger, which kept them interested.

Dream collaboration?

Would love to work on some disco cumbia funky with A-Trak or DJ Sabo.

Most annoying song request?

'The Wobble.'

What was the riskiest mash up you’ve ever done?

CCR's 'Down On The Corner' x 'Humpty Dance.' Works though.

What’s your guilty favorite song?

Anything with Usher on it.

Do you know how to play any instruments?

I can scratch really well, but instruments... I'm not great at anything. I do play the keyboard, accordion, drums, and other Latin percussion instruments.

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