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Most people know him as the Fastest Man on the Planet, but even James Stewart himself will admit that without the proper bike setup, his ridiculous speed on a Supercross track could never be attained.

Unlike most of his rivals who pit out of factory semi-trucks (which are supported directly by the motorcycle manufacturers themselves), Stewart actually runs his own program when it comes to bike setup and transportation.

Why, you ask? This gives Stewart the flexibility to enjoy the best of both worlds; for most parts, including suspension, JS takes advantage of San Manuel’s extensive in-house R&D facility, but James receives factory goodies directly from Yamaha when needed. Check the video to see what James is capable of on this machine, then peep the photos below to get a glimpse of some of the sweetest parts on James’s ride…

The Bike

See the photo at the top of this article? That’s what James’ bike looks like before the start of a typical race day. Every part has been meticulously scrutinized, and in most cases, replaced. Before James hits the track each and every week, the entire bike is taken apart and stripped to the frame.

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The Power

It’s what’s in here that matters most, but only James’s tuners and team members know the detailed info. However, even from the outside, there are many obvious modifications. Of course, the heavy-duty hosing and grip tape are obvious additions, as is the custom-engraved GYTR clutch plate. Notice the small “computer” above the water pump; this helps the team with data acquisition. (See next photo)

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The Data

The minute James is done with a practice or qualifying session, he goes straight to the team’s trailer to review video footage while his mechanics immediately plug his data acquisition device into their laptop. This gives them valuable information to further dial in the bike to the constantly-changing Supercross tracks each week.

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Want to have all of the stopping power that James does on your ride? Well, believe it or not, Stewart’s mechanic Oscar swears to us that this is just a braking rotor that anyone can buy…

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The ridiculous horsepower that Stewart’s San Manuel YZF makes is all funneled through this titanium Akrapovic exhaust unit, another part that, with deep enough pockets, anyone can buy.

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Please Be Seated

As we mentioned, Stewart is riding what is arguably the fastest bike in the pro pits, and with all of that power, staying on the seat is no walk in the park! That’s why James relies on this One Industries Gripper seat cover to keep his bottom end planted.

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In the Clutch

Custom goodies like this are essential to Stewart’s personal preference. This extra-heavy-duty clutch cable adjuster comes in handy for James in the heat of battle.

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Gearing Up

Once again, you can buy the same chain and sprocket setup that James uses by going to your local dealership. The Vortex gearing ratio changes with the track, and it’s no surprise that his mechanic was tight-lipped about his exact setup.

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Fork it Over

Here’s a parting shot that shows all of the goodies at a glance; the forks alone are worth more than a typical person’s entire bike, but when you ride like James, only the best will do. His KYBs are tuned in-house, and the factory Dunlop rubber is also a privilege that is available to only the best.

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