Jay Z finished his run of eight shows at the new Barclays Center facebook.com/jayz

When Jay-Z ended his string of eight shows to officially open the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, on Saturday, he took the subway to the arena. But unlike you and me, he brought a few bodyguards with him.

While the first show drew the most attention, Jay-Z is clearing maximizing the exposure. The final show was live streamed on YouTube and the second performance (September 29) will be released October 9 as an audio and video EP, 'Live in Brooklyn.'

He announced the "optic EP" via Twitter on Sunday.

And now comes the viral factor. To get to his final show, he hopped on the subway and got off at the new Barclays Center station (video below via Gothamist). By the look of his face, the idea probably seemed better on paper. His bodyguards probably thought so -- or maybe they just saw 'Taken' again.

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