Happiness is a burrito for Joey Brezinski Bryce Kanights/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

Aside from his long-standing affection for skateboarding, pro skater Joey Brezinski loves to eat burritos -- lots of them. On average, he consumes four of these finely-bundled feasts per week, but claims that his regular scarfing of burritos always takes place after a skate session since he can’t ollie too high once his gut is filled.

When asked what’s so special about a traditional burrito that he loves so much, Joey quickly and thoughtfully replies, “They’re the perfect ‘pick up and go’ food when you’re tight for time or on the road. And if you’re smart with your order, you can cover your recommended nutrients from the five essential food groups all in one meal. Who in the hell needs a V8 when you can have it all wrapped up in a savory flour tortilla?” Fair enough.

The Key Ingredients

With that thought in mind, I asked him which key ingredients are a must in his burrito orders and which ones are definitely not allowed. Joey’s essentials include: beans, rice, cheese, and sour cream.

From there he can choose to add other ingredients, depending on whatever he desires or is available. We can only assume that his exclusionary list of fillings -- things like “dog-food quality” ground beef, purple stuff and Sunny D -- applies to the franchised offerings of Mexican fast food fare.

Regardless of the restaurant chosen, family-owned or not, Joey strongly advocates that the “wet” style burrito is a big “no-no.” According to Joey, “If you have to eat it with a fork, it's not a burrito.”

“If you have to eat it with a fork, it's not a burrito.”

One of his other favorite burrito delights is the highly-enjoyed and widely-popular breakfast burrito, especially when they’re stuffed with chorizo, egg, potatoes and cheese. Besides their savory taste to properly kick-start the day, Joey claims that they’re also the perfect remedy for a hangover.

So where exactly does Joey go for that perfect burrito? “It’s tough to nail down any specific spot really, since there are so many!” he says. “How about my top five U.S. cities and/or states for burrito joints? They are: San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Arizona and Texas.” Obviously and apparently for good reason, the southwestern states are high on his radar when it comes to the burrito.

null Bryce Kanights/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

Note: According to several sources, the word burrito means "little donkey" in Spanish, coming from burro for "donkey." It’s further referenced that the burrito’s namesake derives from the appearance of a rolled-up wheat tortilla, which vaguely resembles the ear of a donkey, or from the bedrolls and packs that it carries.

While this plausible interpretation is good enough to believe, many people around the world -- including Joey Brezinski -- are fortunate to have the burrito as a primary choice in their diets. They live for them!

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