Bryce Menzies at the final race of the 2011 TORC Series Menzies Motorsports

The 2011 Traxxas TORC Series wrapped up over the weekend with even more of the nail-biting action that the off-road truck racing series is famous for. When the dust settled, Red Bull drivers Ricky Johnson and Bryce Menzies emerged with the Pro 4 and Pro 2 class overall titles, respectively.


Johnson had sparred with on-track rival Johnny Greaves for much of the season, with Greaves headed into the final race at Cycle Ranch Park in Texas with a four-point lead for the overall win.

Johnson put his truck in pole position for Saturday’s competition yellow race and led wire-to-wire, picking up two points on Greaves and setting the tone for the weekend. The pair then battled fiercely in the following race, each leading at one point, with Ricky out front when it mattered. Saturday ended with the two drivers tied in points.

The action continued on Sunday with Johnson, Greaves and Scott Douglas throwing everything they had into the race. Greaves’ luck ran out, however, opening the door for Johnson to run away with the win and the points to take the series title.

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“Thanks to my wife and family, and to Steve Menzies for believing in me,” said Johnson after the race. “This is one of those moments that I’ll remember for my entire life.”


Bryce Menzies headed into the final race in Texas with the series points lead, having earned several wins in this, his rookie year in the Pro 2 class. He was without peer for the weekend, sweeping both races and sealing up the series title without a hitch.

"I can’t say enough about my sponsors and this team,” Bryce commented after the race. “Our third win in a row and we can’t get any better than that. I also want to thank all the drivers for giving it their all, too; I am proud to share the podium with some of the best off-road drivers out there.”

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