Jokke Sommer speedriding in Norway

Wingsuit flyer Jokke Sommer trades in his wingsuit for a set of skis in this new interactive speed-ride video shot on the spectacular white peaks of Lofoten in Norway.

In speed riding -- or speed flying -- skiers reach high speeds with the help of a parachute, which also comes in handy for catching air. In this video, viewers can actually control the POV a full 360 degrees with the arrow keys.

This latest edit comes courtesy of Making View, the Norwegian firm responsible for the 360 POV videos of a Formula One car, a Red Bull Crashed Ice skater and a downhill mountain biker.

Sommer's video is focused less on the pure awe of speed and more on the surroundings, which are stunning -- it's Norway, after all -- and it's no less engaging.

Meanwhile, the wingsuit ace has been busy. In an interview with -- on the release of his 'Dream Lines IV' edit -- he said that he'll have more than 250 travel days this year. Which means we can expect more killer videos in the future.

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