Jokke Sommer wingsuit flying in Rio

Our man Jokke Sommer has done it again. The star of 'Dream Lines IV' was recently in Rio de Janeiro, where he and fellow wingsuit flyer Ludovic Woerth managed to do the impossible -- flying through a building gap at top speed.

The video begins with Sommer and Woerth above the clouds in pretty bare-bones flying machines, But pretty soon they are zipping down onto Rio with the cityscape below them. It's an incredible sight, which only gets more incredible.

The mission, it turns out, isn't just to fly into Rio, drop down and go canvasing the beach for bikini babes. Nope. Their objective is to fly -- proximity flight is the technical term -- through the narrow gap in a skyscraper.

"It was more for me to do it just for the fun of it because I always wanted to do an urban wingsuit flight," Sommer told ABC News afterward. Check out the video...

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