Julian Stephen

On his new “Prince Charming” mixtape, actor and rapper Julian Stephen details the type of life he’d like to live. We sat down with the New Yorker recently to get the Top 5 artists with whom he’d like to collaborate, which he listed in no particular order.

J. Cole

“Lyrically, I feel like he really has an understanding of what the average college student goes through today. I feel like he’s living the life that we’re all living. He just portrays it in such a unique way. I feel like he understands me, in a way.

If we came together and just put together a dope college story concept song we would really be able to bring a lot of ideas and images to light that a lot of college students go through. I think he’s real relevant to the college scene.”

Big Sean

“I love his sense of humor and his wittiness. I feel like he’s really had a big impact on the game and that’s kind of underappreciated. If we were to be on a record together, I think he would definitely bring out that comical, clever wordplay side out of me, so I think it would be fun doing a song with him.”


“This is a constant comparison that I get. I want to be on a track right next to him so that people could see how we’re two completely different artists and how we stand as two individuals on our own. It used to be a lot worse when I was younger.

A few years ago, I wasn’t really into myself as an artist completely, so I would hear it a lot more. I’m hearing it a lot less nowadays. I feel he’s the manchild, monotone voice, light-skinned -- there’s a lot of things that factor in [to why I get compared to him]. I’ve had people compare me to him before they even heard me open my mouth. I think it’s unavoidable and I think everybody gets compared to somebody once. ”

Mac Miller

“He’s a young kid doing his thing. On a record like ‘Tomorrow Never Comes,’ we’re both living the same kind of life. We both want the same kind of things. We both are humble. I think that we’d have good chemistry on a record.

We both aspire for that party lifestyle and enjoyment, that carefree living. That would definitely be a fun record to be on.”

Kanye West

“That’s a big dream. I’m going to throw that out there early. That’s a dude I want to be under the wing of. I’ve learned a lot from Kanye. He’s like my biggest inspiration. He’s influenced me a lot, even to make music. I feel like me being on a record with Kanye is basically me being knighted. I’d get my respect, my kudos.”

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