Junkies-On-A-Budget-Rocket © Clemens Wirth

Junkies on a Budget in Space, a freeski film produced by five of Europe's top filmmakers, is all set for its online premiere Friday, November 30, on Red Bull TV.

"It’s action sports movies from a completely new angle," said The Distillery, the production company behind the film. "The purpose is to root out Europe‘s five most talented filmmakers and give them a once in a lifetime opportunity to make their wildest visions come alive. Our job is to implement these five visionary ideas into a next-level movie experience complete with a compelling plot, innovative filming and editing techniques… And banger action shots!"

The filmmakers and filmmaking teams were: Vecom Video (France), We Make Them Wonder (Germany), Aestivation Entertainment (Germany), Winter Project (Sweden) and Daniel Seideneder (Germany).

Whatever they did, it worked. 'Junkies on a Budget in Space,' which is available on iTunes, has already won two Nike iF3 awards (Best European Film and Coup de Coeur). And now you can watch it for free on Red Bull TV, starting Friday at 2 p.m. EST. The film will play for 24 hours, so you've got several opportunities to see what next-level filmmaking looks like. If it's anything like the trailer below, be prepared for insanity.

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