Kai Lenny on Lake Michigan Brian Nevins/Red Bull Photofiles

Red Bull pro windsurfer Kai Lenny attempted a daring feat today, attempting to cross Lake Michigan from Milwaukee to Muskegon.

Unfortunately, although weather reports looked good, the wind died halfway across and the team had to turn back. Never one to let even Mother Nature defeat him, Lenny promises to face the challenge again next year.

"I will definitely be back to face the challenge.”-Kai Lenny

"Today was tough," Lenny said after getting out of the water. "We were expecting crazy winds based off of all the forecasting data; however, the wind died halfway through the trek. The challenges for a distance project like this are that the conditions can change: more wind, less wind, direction changes at anytime, like they did today.

"I am so bummed to have been unable to complete Red Bull Passage today, but when my schedule opens up and the winds look right, I will definitely be back to face the challenge.” 

null Brian Nevins/Red Bull Photofiles



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