Kai Lenny on Lake Michigan Brian Nevins/Red Bull Photofiles

Current Standup World Champion Kai Lenny is off to a killer start in his title defense, winning the first two events of the 2011 Standup World Tour. He emerged victorious in a nail-biter at Sunset Beach, Hawaii in February, and recently clinched stop two in Brittany, France to maintain the overall points lead.

The semifinal action in France was heated, with an international showdown set for the final, featuring one Hawaiian (Lenny), one Frenchman (Antoine Delpero), one Brazilian (Leco Salazar) and one American (Sean Poynter).

Lenny launched to an early lead with two of the highest-scoring waves of the contest right out of the gate in the final, which proved to be insurmountable for his competitors.

At just 18 years old, Kai is the first Standup World Champ to be crowned by the Tour, which ran its first series in 2010. Judging by the way he’s been performing, his future looks incredibly bright, to say the least.

The Tour now heads to Tahiti for stop number three from May 28 – June 5.

Source: Standup Paddler

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