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Before he was throwing temper tantrums at the MTV VMAs and being labeled the biggest jerk in the history of hip hop, Kanye West was producing some of the dopest beats the game has ever heard.

Kanye’s career as a rap artist didn’t exactly take off like a Gulfstream en route to the south of France. Prior to reaching superstar status as a rap artist, many labels were reluctant to sign Kanye West “the producer” to a record deal.

It took a 2003 car accident to inspire Kanye to write and produce "Through the Wire", a track he recorded with his jaw wired shut. With critical acclaim, his career as a respected rap artist and eventual superstar was launched. For Mr. West, there was no looking back.

Luckily for you, we enjoyed history class in high school. So much so that we decided to take a look back and list our favorite pre-superstar Kanye-produced tracks:

10. Kanye West , G.L.C., Paul Wall, & T.I. – "Drive Slow" 2006


9. Alicia Keys – "You Don’t Know My Name" 2003


8. Jay Z – "Heart of The City (Ain’t No Love)" 2001


7. The Game – "Wouldn’t Get Far" 2007


6. Common – "GO!" 2005


5. Teriyaki Boyz featuring Kanye West – "I Still Love H.E.R." 2007


4. Mobb Deep – "Throw Ya Hands in The Air" 2001


3. Jay Z – "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)" 2001


2. Talib Kweli – "Get By" 2002


1. Kanye West – "Through the Wire" 2003





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