Ken Roczen powers through a turn in California Garth Milan/Red Bull Photofiles

Thanks to a new FIM World Motocross Championship schedule for 2011, GP riders can now enjoy the opportunity to make a leap across the pond and contest the AMA Supercross series in the U.S.A. before heading home to begin the GP season.

One rider taking advantage of this is the newest member of the Red Bull KTM squad, Ken Roczen. The 16-year-old phenom from Germany turned quite a few heads on the FIM circuit last year and is now poised to make a big splash internationally.

Now stateside, Roczen has been vigorously preparing for his assault on the American Supercross series come January 8th at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California.

Ken Roczen Quick Facts

  • Born April 28, 1994 in Germany
  • Became the youngest rider to win a GP Motocross race at 15
  • Helped Germany earn 3rd place at the 2010 Red Bull Motocross of Nations
  • Speaks three languages: German, English and Dutch

Ken Roczen Q&A

null Garth Milan/Red Bull Photofiles

Welcome to America, Ken. How have the States been treating you so far?
I’ve been so happy here; the team and my bike are great, which makes me settle in a lot easier. The tracks are incredible here, and just four weeks ago was the first time I ever really rode a Supercross track.

I’m living in Murrieta right now, and am really enjoying California. It’s just an amazing feeling finally being here and testing with the team. I would love to stay here and compete in the National Motocross series too, but I will be going back to Europe to compete in the FIM MX2 championship after the Supercross series ends.

You have never raced a full Supercross series before, let alone any series in America, so you have to be pretty excited for Anaheim 1…
Yeah, more than anything right now, I can’t wait until January 8th when the gate drops on my first race. I’ve been working hard, testing with the team and just getting used to riding a Supercross track at the pace I need to be at.

The riding will be really exciting, but I’m also looking forward to everything else that surrounds it. Just to take in the sights and atmosphere of the races is also very exciting for me. 

null Garth Milan/Red Bull Photofiles

Being from Europe, you looked up to Roger DeCoster and now you ride for him in America. How does that feel, being under the same tent with him?
It’s just amazing and a dream come true for me. He was one of the main reasons why I made this switch over to KTM, and of course, with Red Bull coming along it made the deal even sweeter. Roger is such a knowledgeable man that it makes a transition like this even smoother for a young kid like myself.

You rode a Suzuki for just about your entire racing career, and now you have made the switch to KTM. How has the Red Bull KTM been treating you?
It has been going good so far; it’s always a challenge at first when you make a [bike] switch like this. After I finally arrived in the States and started testing with the guys, it really came together. When you’re around the whole team, it makes for a productive environment and helps to work out the kinks of getting the bike ready. But now I’m really comfortable on my bike and ready to race!

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