Kolohe Andino

Kolohe Andino's first signature film is in the works, he’s been traveling and competing his ass off, and has his iPod is stocked with everything from old timey Bob Dylan to the Circle Jerks and Talking Heads. In the last six months he’s grown three inches and put on 20 pounds. His surfing’s more intimidating with the added power. And now, after making a massive statement at Lower Trestles over the weekend, he’s the United States Under 18 Champion.

As a beautiful southern hemisphere swell filled in over the Lowers cobblestones and the surf peaked at a solid six-foot, the 17-year-old San Clemente protégé, who goes by the simple nickname of "Brother," rode to glory in his own backyard. But it was hardly local knowledge that carried him to victory. He, to put it simply, out surfed everybody.

The 17-year-old San Clemente protégé, who goes by the simple nickname of "Brother," rode to glory in his own backyard.

“People always say, 'It's harder to win when you're supposed to win,’” noted Brother when it was all said and done. “Earlier in the event I was thinking about it too much...so I tried to freesurf through the final, and it worked out."

In one of the most prestigious junior events on the calendar, Brother was dead set on winning from the onset. But in true showman form, he saved the best for last, launching three massive airs on one wave in the final, earning himself a perfect 10 for the effort -- an effort that left coach Mike Parsons calling it the "best wave ever ridden at Lowers."

That’s no small statement considering Parsons has seen the likes of Archy, Christian Fletcher, Shane Beschen, Chris Ward, Kelly Slater and numerous others at their best. Brother backed his 10 up with an 8.67 to blow through the final for the win.

Kolohe Andino at Lower Trestles

This victory follows up on his record-breaking double win at the Vans Pier Classic at the end of March and an impressive quarterfinal finish at the Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro in May. In a couple months, when the spray settles and the days become short again, the summer of 2011 may simply go down as "the summer of Brother."

Andino will spend the rest of the summer surfing the Pro Junior series, as well as the U.S. Open, and wildcard dependent, may find himself in the Hurley Lowers Pro this September.

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