Red Bull King of the Rock 2013

Fusella Becomes First Italian KOTR Finalist

Pietro Fusella, winner of Red Bull King of the Rock Italy Alessandro Dealberto/Red Bull Content Pool

Peter Fusella has been crowned the Italian champion of Red Bull King of the Rock and will represent Italy in the World Final to be held in September on the island of Alcatraz. This was the first year that Red Bull King of the Rock was held in Italy; the national final was held in Milan after having qualifiers in Bologna, Milan, Modena and Turin.

Fusella looks forward to challenging the champions from all over the world. Italian national and New Orleans Hornets player Marco Belinelli was on hand to reward the new champion. Fusella has won the chance to defend the colors of Italy and fight to earn the respect of his opponents, who he must defeat to become Red Bull King of the Rock. Because in the end there will only be one King!

"I was very pleased to participate in this event," said Belinelli. "Seeing these guys play with such passion to excel and challenge reminded me why I love this sport. A big good luck to Peter, I am sure he will be honored at Alcatraz."

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