Squirtle and Bomber at Red Bull Battlegrounds 2012 Garth Milan/Red Bull Media House

Hear that? That's the rapid clicking of vital hotkeys, as the StarCraft II world prepares themselves for Red Bull LAN Seattle, which starts today (during PAX Prime).

If you're imagining an army of bespectacled Korean kids hunched over keyboards with one hand on the mouse, you'd only be 25 percent correct. Red Bull LAN will feature eight top players from around the world: four from the United States, one from Britain, one from the Ukraine and two from StarCraft II powerhouse South Korea, including Red Bull eSports athlete Choi "Bomber" Ji-Sung.

And if Red Bull LAN Seattle is anything like the last Red Bull LAN tournament, Battlegrounds in Austin, Texas, the players will be competing in front of a packed house of raucous fans, this time inside the Eliza Anderson Amphitheater in the Grand Hyatt Hotel.



The event will also pull in a huge audience on the Internets, where it is being livestreamed. For Seattle, there is a new wrinkle to the competition: fans watching at home or in the live audience will get to help determine the outcome of the games.

Every few minutes and at critical junctures throughout the game, the audience (a.k.a. you) will be called upon to decide the fate of the players. Through live voting, you get to unleash your chosen acts, blessings or curses upon the players. You can check out the special abilities right now and see which will become available on the three custom-themed Xel'Naga maps (Fire, Jungle and Storm).

Who will best cope with the new twist? Will it be Bomber, the highest ELO ranked player at Red Bull LAN Seattle or will 16-year-old pro Chris "Illusion" Lee deliver an upset? As usual, Day[9], the former StarCraft superstar pro, will call the matches.

Match Schedule

Day 1 - Fire Theme: Thursday, Aug. 30

8:00 p.m. PT Round of 8 Match A *
9:30 p.m. PT Round of 8 Match B *

Day 2 - Jungle Theme: Friday, Aug. 31

8:00 p.m. PT Round of 8 Match C *
9:30 p.m. PT Round of 8 Match D *

Day 3 - Storm Theme: Saturday, Sep. 1

8:00 p.m. PT Round of 4 Match A *
9:30 p.m. PT Round of 4 Match B *
11:00 p.m. PT Grand Finals *

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