Lance Coury at the Red Bull Compound Garth Milan/Red Bull Photofiles

Lance Coury first threw a leg over a motocross bike when he was just four years old, and he showed that he had skills right off the bat. Widely considered to be one of the next big things in freestyle motocross, Lance has been putting in work for the last few years at Southern California's various riding compounds, getting ready to strike.

He's also been working on his culinary skills - not exactly something you'd expect from your average throttle-twister, but everybody's gotta eat, right? See if Lance has any other surprises for you in our latest edition of Friday Favorites...

Favorite movie:
One of my favorite movies has to be Step Brothers. I love comedies; they always make you laugh and smile.

Favorite book:
I haven’t read many books, but I did happen to read Red and Me on a flight to Europe. It is a great story about a champion.

Favorite TV show:
Back to the comedy thing, I get a kick out of East Bound and Down. It’s a little gnarly but if you’re old enough to watch, it’s a good laugh. 

null Garth Milan

Favorite magazine:
Playboy. There are some pretty interesting things in there, as well as awesome jokes, and of course naked girls! haha

Favorite song or artist:
It's really hard to pick just one, especially with all the driving and traveling I do. I listen to a little bit of everything. My taste in music ranges from rap to rock; even the occasional country or acoustic coffeehouse type stuff.

Favorite animal:
I’m not a big animal person; they have a mind of their own so they aren't predictable. Not for me!

Favorite color:
I can’t pick just one! I love the brighter colors because of the way they stand out. But black is classic. My mind changes every day!

I enjoy cooking. I like seeing people smile after eating something that I just made.

Favorite holiday:
Favorite holiday has to be Christmas. I like drinking hot drinks in the cold and getting presents. Who doesn't?

Favorite tech gadget:
My iPhone 4. I am on the thing way too much with Twitter and Facebook.

Favorite thing to eat:
I love to eat good sushi. If I ever want to treat myself to a good dinner out, I get sushi.

Favorite thing to wear:
That’s really hard. I like all the seasons, whether I get to be in a hoodie and jeans or trunks and sandals.

Favorite place to be:
My favorite place to be is home! I love traveling and seeing all the places of the world, but I always love coming home to my own bed. 

null Christian Pondella/Red Bull Photofiles

Favorite way to indulge or treat/reward yourself:
My favorite way to treat myself would be a personal vacation, having nothing to do when I get there except relax.

Favorite times to get up/go to bed:
I like getting up and going to bed like most people, I think. I get to bed by 10 and wake up at 7. Then I’m usually out riding by 9 a.m. I enjoy being up early because I feel like I get a head start on my day and I get things accomplished.

Favorite thing to spend money on:
I have no problem spending money on good food. I love to enjoy indulging.

Favorite thing to do in your free time:
I enjoy cooking. I like seeing people smile after eating something that I just made.

Favorite Red Bull product (regular, sugarfree, energy shot, cola):
I enjoy a regular Red Bull - tastes great and does the job right. When I go out to ride with friends I usually bring a good amount and they’re all gone when we’re done.

Favorite time for a Red Bull:
I like to crack open a Red Bull anytime I’m going for it. Before I ride, before I party…

Favorite thing about your sport:
I like jumping my motorcycle. To top it off, I get to hang off the back of the bike or go upside down with it over 100-foot jumps!

Favorite sport other than your own:
I like to surf. When the temperature gets too hot to ride, surfing is a great way to keep cool and have a good time.

Favorite celebrity or sports star:
My favorite celebrity is Jon Favreau; he is one of those actors some people might have never heard of. But then you realize what he’s in and the parts he plays. He is funny!

Favorite people to ride with:
I like to ride with a lot of guys, but I always have a great time riding with my friends I grew up riding with, Cole Seely and Riley Harper.

Favorite thing in your house or apartment:
My bed. The thing is so comfortable.

Favorite thing about your life:
I don’t work, but rather make a living doing what I love.




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