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Large Professor's crisp drum tracks and innovative grooves served as the backdrop for some of the best music of Eric B. & Rakim, Kool G. Rap & D.J. Polo, Main Source, Nas and A Tribe Called Quest. The premier beatsmith's fourth album, 'Professor @ Large,' showcases both his razor-sharp production chops and his lyrical prowess.

Always eager to talk beats, decided to highlight Large Professor’s most underrated producers of all time, top-tier studio wizards much like himself, whom he lists in no particular order.

DJ Scratch

He doesn’t really put himself out there as a producer, but his product is crazy hot -- all the stuff he's done for Busta Rhymes, Cool J. I think because his name is DJ Scratch that he's more known for DJing. Yeah, he DJs, but his beats are ridiculous. I would love to hear a lot more rappers rock on DJ Scratch beats.

Rashad “Tumblin’ Dice” Smith

He just knows what to use. That man just flips some ill joints all the time, something that just manifests correctly. A lot of his songs develop correctly. He’s got that DJ knack for what to use. He did 'Woo Hah!!! Got You All In Check' for Busta. He did Craig Mack’s 'Making Moves With Puff.' He did the remix for Big's 'One More Chance.'

Lil' Fame

He's one-half of M.O.P., of course, and he also goes by Fizzy Womack. On their 'Warriorz' album, they had the budget, everything. You could just hear it, the richness of it, but still the grittiness. They still had the street, but the colorful sounds all through that album had me like, "Yeah, yeah, yeah." They were spreading their wings a little bit on that joint right there.

Fame's style is just unorthodox. I've worked with that dude before, man. He's got a sound like he's just breaking something. It ain't normal and he doesn't want it to be polished. He wants it to be real rough, even in the programming. He wants it to wiggle, crazy.

True Master

He's just straight, ill hip-hop, man. There ain't no confusing it with nothing else. His joints just be sounding ill, like on some for real, real hip-hop shit. He's got that ill sound that the [Wu-Tang Clan] brought, but he's like the second generation of that. He's like the hungry one. He rarely misses. When you hear ring modulation, that's usually him.

Hillie Hill

A lot of people are not familiar with his work, but he did 'Black Zombie' for Nas, 'Purple' for Nas. He did the Big and Busta song 'I Knock You Out' and he did some stuff for ODB. Hill, just his programming alone is crazy. He's a top-notch programmer with the drums and he plays the keys. It's crazy where he's at with it. He's such a young dude. I always wish that his stuff could get out there a lot more. He's just trying to store up his beats so he could mass produce. The amount of beats that this dude's got is ridiculous. He wants to make sure that when it's on, it's on and it doesn't turn off.

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