Large Professor

Large Professor, one of rap’s premier beatsmiths, has long been producing landmark material for artists such as Eric B. & Rakim, Main Source, Nas and A Tribe Called Quest. But the New Yorker is also a gifted rhymer.

With the rap group Main Source, Large Professor, also known as Large Pro and Extra P, established himself as someone who could talk on a wide range of topics with disarming potency, such as police brutality ("Just a Friendly Game of Baseball") and the end of a relationship ("Looking at the Front Door").

“I feel like I’ve progressed as a writer, but it’s not as spelled out as those songs," says Large Pro. "Just being creative is what I like. I like being an artist because, of course, I have more say so in the final product.”

While crafting his new LP, "Professor @ Large," due June 26, Large Professor stuck to his classic New York hip-hop sound and style. More than 20 years into a robust career, there was no reason to change his artistry to chase radio play, chart position or fame.

“It’s culture for me,” he says. “It’s my way of life."

Indeed, Large Professor remains true to his roots.

"You lace your shoes and your sneakers a certain way all your life and then all of the sudden they say, ‘You can lace ‘em like this.’ But I’ve been lacing ‘em like this the whole time, so why am I going to change now?" he says. "It’s what I do. It’s part of life, like getting up, brushing your teeth and taking a shower.”

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