Red Bull wakeskate session at New York New York casino

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, you know that if you decide to take a dip in a casino fountain, chances are your night will come to an abrupt end. Brian Grubb and a couple of his friends had a unique opportunity to do just that, however, even installing a rail in the New York New York casino fountain for a quick wakeskating session.

Grubb invited compatriots Brandon Thomas and Danny Hampson with him to Sin City to help celebrate his birthday -- and oh, by the way, to throw down right on the famed Las Vegas strip.

After hauling the Red Bull high-powered winch around the Las Vegas area on a search-and-destroy mission, the crew headed out for a fun session on Lake Mead before returning to the New York New York to get down to business and build a special rail to install in the fountain.

The tourists searching for that famed Vegas nightlife were treated to a little something more that evening, as many witnessed wakeskating for the first time.


Check out Red Bull’s YouTube channel for more of the Red Bull Winch Sessions series.

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