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Manchester Orchestra has become one of the most talked about bands of the year. The indie rock troupe have made a powerful impact with their sensational third studio album “Simple Math” and have been touring non-stop in support of it.

We sat down with vocalist Andy Hull before he embarked on the Honda Civic Tour to talk about the five artists who have influenced him throughout his career.

5. Tie: Wilco/Grandaddy

Andy Hull: “Those bands were super influential in just as far as making records [and] taking chances, but still keeping this really great, weird pop center.”

4. The Mountain Goats

Andy Hull: “The Mountain Goats are a super influential band, lyrically, for me. It just doesn’t come any more honest and kind of ‘out there’ sounding. [They’re] another one of those artists who made me continue to grow and continue to grow on their stuff, and all the stuff on their records as it all goes down the line.

3. Muddy Waters/Delta Blues Music Movement

Andy Hull: “Being from the south, when I heard that stuff for the first time with the idea of a songwriter mind, I realized everything that has happened since has happened because those guys paved the way. There is an awesome story about Muddy Waters. They think he was the first recorded time that like an electric instrument was played in England. You could imagine just him and an electric guitar wouldn’t be that loud, but like the reviewers had had to go the bathroom to write the review of the show. I thought that as pretty badass. [It was] kinda the first signs of rock ‘n roll.”

2. Built To Spill

Andy Hull: “Built To Spill is a really influential band for me. Been listening to them since I was 16 and not understanding how incredible they were. You know you have a good band when you’ve been listening to them for like eight years and you realize they’re even better now than you thought they were, and you learn more and more by their tunes. So that’s definitely a big one for me.”

1 - Colour Revolt

Andy Hull: “They kinda brought us into shows and tours, and showed us how to play shows and how to make a living on a 5 dollar a day per diem. They’re a band that rarely gets talked about, but have an incredible ability to write songs. I look up to them as songwriters and musicians, and I have for the past six or seven years. That would be an overall influence.”

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