Mad Skills BMX game for iPhone

The Mad Skills BMX game hit the iTunes store today from Turborilla, which claims that it will match the appeal of their famously addictive previous title, Mad Skills Motocross. From what we’ve heard (during a break from actually playing it), they appear to be right on the money with that prediction.

Mad Skills BMX features 40 different, challenging tracks, with more to come. Players race in four different classes -- Novice, Intermediate, Expert and Pro -- to put up the fastest time. It’s not all about straight-line, pinned wide-open racing though; you can go for a number of tricks if the timer isn’t your main concern.


Fans of Mad Skills Motocross will notice better visuals and innovative swipe controls as upgrades, which Turborilla says “make the game easy to control for beginners but a challenge to master for high-level gamers.”

Of course you can connect to Facebook to square up against your friends and see who can log the fastest times. The soundtrack features legendary punk band Strung Out, and Turborilla says that loads of updates are on the way to continually make the game experience better.

Download the game now from the iTunes store.

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