MadC, Dinowall, 2012

Two years ago, graffiti artist MadC painted a 350-foot long wall (known as the 700 wall for its total square meters) in Germany. This year, she took on another big project.

"Over the last couple of years I combined my passion for painting and my passion for movies in at least one movie related wall a year," she wrote in March.

Among her past murals are homages to 'Lord of the Rings,' 'The Terminator' and 'Batman.' This year, it's 'Jurassic Park.' The results are stunning.

"The wall is 14m long (46 ft) and 6m high (19.7 ft) or 84 sqm," she wrote. "Since I love telling stories with my walls, this one is: Once we are extinct, life will find a way. Which of course is based on one of Dr. Ian Malcolm's many great quotes."

Check out the process video below and watch the 'Jurassic Park' wall come together.

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