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Into the Darkness with Mansions on the Moon

Mansions On The Moon

Is this June gloom getting you down? Did you have your coffee yet? Have you heard the new Mansions on the Moon? Well, I can’t change the weather and I ain’t getting you coffee, but what I can and will do is serve you up a dose of melancholy magic courtesy of Mansions on the Moon.

This starbound group, founded a little over a year ago, have since co-signed with Pharell and collaborated with Diplo, Mac Miller and Chiddy Bang’s Xaphoon Jones to name a few.

And now Mansions On The Moon have released “Darkness” off their upcoming debut, "Lightyears."

So, brew yourself a cup, kick up your feet and soak up the “Darkness.”

Mansions on the Moon - Darkness by

If you didn't see it already, MOTM also produced a video for "Darkness" during their recent recording sessions at Red Bull Studio in Los Angeles, which you can check out right here:

Source: ChinaShop Mag

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