The Carissa and Maya Project takes over the New Jersey waves, led by big wave surfer Maya Gabeira and some of her friends.

It is very possible that there has never been a female-dominated surf session in New Jersey like there was today. In the morning gray, the ladies of the Red Bull Carissa and Maya Project descended on a jetty in Long Branch. What ensued was three hours of shredding.

“There was a peak, about head high, clean and glassy with long rights and barrels,” said Cassidy McClain of Ventnor, “It was like our own little pointbreak.”

Maya Gabiera paddled out right beside the girls and picked off a few on her backhand, later calling it better than any waves she’s seen the past few weeks in California.

There was a peak, about head high, clean and glassy with long rights and barrels.

“It was just really cool to see nothing but girls around you and the amount of waves we got,” said Ryan McCarthy of Manasquan, who seemingly caught two waves a minute.”

The swell survived through the low tide and the ladies continued to tear into the rights. Quincy Davis was coming off the bottom and executing big vertical hits. The Engstom sisters wrapped some serious on-rail cutbacks.

Long Branch is the stomping grounds of Sara Beberidge of Elberon. She was nervous about bringing a crowd to her favorite jetty, but excited as well.

 “I was really happy. It was cool to go to Montauk and see someone else’s homebreak. But once everyone was there, I was super stoked. I never really thought I could have that many girls ripping. And everyone that I surf with every day really respected it,” she explained. 

null Brian Nevins/Red Bull Photofiles
Within two hours, the sun had come out and some of the ladies even lost the wetsuits. The vibe around the line-up was amazing, with Beveridge paddling around the line-up to actually ask everyone if they were having fun. The footage will speak for itself.

“I don’t know that I’m the best mentor to these girls. They were ripping harder than I was,” Gabeira laughed, “I could have been learning from them.”

The girls have really been bonding for the past five days, but nothing has bought them together like the session.

They were back at the house before noon, but feeling like they’d already put in a full day, and gorged on delicious organic veggies and salmon cakes. There was just enough time for a little rest before they had to head over to the Hannah Women’s Pro.

The morning at the Pro was fairly epic, with overhead lines coming through. Unfortunately, the wind had come up from the north and put a weird funk on it, but there was clearly Hurricane Igor swell filling in.

The Womens Pro will continue on Saturday. Jamie Baittinger, Ryan McGrath, Kim Kepich, and Cassidy McClain are in the first semi, while Ariel Engstrom, Quincy Davis, Jessica Kwiecinski, and Alexis Engstrom competing in the second.

Maya is also very excited about getting out and meeting her fans on the beach.




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