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We’re stacked this week, people! Before we make the transition to a bi-weekly column, we wanted to throw the kitchen sink at all y’all. So, we’re serving up a super sweet and touching remix by the great A-Trak; hitting the pavement with OFF!; bumping our collective heads to the new Sir Michael Rocks; wondering what the hell Andrew Bird will do next; and interrupting history with Jack White. See you again in two weeks!

A-Trak Honors DJ Mehdi, Remixes the Rapture

Back in September, we had the unfortunate task of reporting that DJ Mehdi had passed away at the age of 34. Today, Pitchfork is sharing a stream of A-Trak’s dub remix of the Rapture’s “How Deep Is Your Love?” in loving memory of the French DJ and producer. Ensuring that heart and soul comes through via a remix is a difficult task, to say the least, but if anyone is capable, it’s definitely more-than-the-average-DJ turntablist A-Trak. A brief and touching account of the story behind the remix is worth a read over at A-Trak’s Facebook page.

[Download “How Deep Is Your Love? (A-Trak Dub for Medhi)” via SoundCloud]

OFF! Wipe Out

Nothing lightens the mood like watching pro skateboarder Leo Romero repeatedly eating shit while OFF! blasts in the background, right? That’s the concept behind the Cali-punk super group’s latest video for “Crawl.” Hey, it even comes with a limited edition t-shirt! OFF! is currently touring the Southern portion of the United States; check out their tour dates right over here.

Sir Michael Rocks Releases Free Solo Album

The Cool Kids love to give shit away for free, don’t they? No argument here. Now, one-half of the Chicago/Detroit hip-hop duo is releasing his debut solo album, “Premier Politics,” as a free download. Joining Sir Michael Rocks are the likes of Alchemist, Chuck Inglish, Cardo and plenty of others.

[Download “Premier Politics” via Mediafire]

Andrew Bird Unleashes the “Sonic Arboretum” on Chicago

Whistling virtuoso Andrew Bird and sculptor Ian Schneller are teaming up once again to bring their “Sonic Arboretum” to Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art this December. What’s a Sonic Arboretum? Well, it’s basically a “sonic installation consisting of a ‘forest’ of plant-shaped audio horn speakers powered by custom-made tube amplifiers.” Yeah, you know, just one of those typical sonic forest shows everyone is doing these days.

This isn’t the first time Bird and Schneller have teamed up. Last summer, the creative duo rocked the Guggenheim in New York. Judging from the video above, it’s a pretty neat deal.

The exhibit will stand alone throughout the month of December with performances from Bird himself (utilizing the exhibit as his personal PA) on December 21-22.

Jack White Dusts Off Hank Williams

“The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams” hit the shelves today, featuring the likes of Bob Dylan, Jack White, Levon Helm, Norah Jones and others digging through the country great’s journals and recording the never-before-heard material. White’s take on “You Know That I Know” is an absolute knockout (if you’re into that sort of thing).

[Stream via Rolling Stone]

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