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Welcome back from the holiday weekend. Did you miss us? We missed you! We’re coming in hot this week with a viral video from Mastodon, new videos from the Duke Spirit and Justice, a brand new track from Zola Jesus and the Junior Boys are getting remixed before hitting the road.

Mastodon Comes Crashing Into The Work Week

We’re not usually the watchdogs for awesome metal news. But when metal masters Mastodon make a move, we can’t help ourselves. This morning, we were greeted with a viral video for “Spectrelight,” a track from “The Hunter,” the group’s fifth studio LP. The track features guest vocals from Neurosis’ Scott Kelly.

Zola Jesus Premieres New Track

On October 4, Zola Jesus will release “Conatus” via Sacred Bones Records. To stave off the indie horndogs waiting to get their hands on this hot piece of vinyl, Zola Jesus is giving us a taste with single “Seekir.”

It is, without a doubt, the best mix of sleazy electro and heartfelt, somewhat bluesy vocals we’ve heard in quite some time. Is Zola Jesus the Feist of the indie world without the massive licensing deals and adorable videos of people dancing? We’ll place that bet.

[Stream “Seekir” via SoundCloud]

The Duke Spirit Return

For the past two years, the Duke Spirit has been touring non-stop in support of their sophomore release, the fantastic “Neptune.” Now, after 8 months in the studio, the five-piece is ready to unleash “Bruiser.”

According to a press release, lead singer Liela Moss calls the songs “lean, mean and hungry sounding.” Produced by Andrew Scheps, known for working with superstar groups like Weezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers and U2, we can’t imagine it actually turning out that way. But in their video for “Surrender,” it seems like a perfect blend between arena rock and a back alley bar brawl.

Junior Boys Hit The Road, Get Remixed

Over the summer, the Junior Boys released “It’s All True.” Since then, we highly doubt that album has left your car stereo. This month, the fun-living Junior Boys will hit the road. You can view all of those dates right here.

To prep for their North American trek, they are showing off two remixes off their track “Banana Ripple” by Two Bears and Stay +. You can stream those tracks below.

[Stream Stay+ remix via SoundCloud] | [Stream Two Bears remix via SoundCloud]

Justice Couldn’t Imagine Leaving Us Waiting

A few weeks back, we talked about Justice’s upcoming release “Audio, Video, Disco.” Now, we’ve got a video for the title track. The video has only been floating around the web for a few hours, but people already seem to be really digging this one.

One of the comments reads, “Justice is better than sex.” We can’t confirm that, but the two forces working together? Done and done.

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