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After our ridiculously sud-soaked holiday weekend, the perma-stamp on our hand is looking real professional in the office this morning. No matter how much soap we use, we can’t seem to wash the damn thing off.

However, we can wash away the awkward family memories we acquired over Thanksgiving with an overdose of media sweetness. It’s one of our oddest cross-sections of downloads, streams and news with updates from 50 Cent, Javelin and Bon Iver plus a haunting Roy Orbinson cover from indie darlings Austra and a holiday video from your favorite storytelling punk troupe Fucked Up.

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50 Cent Plots Return, Releases First Track from “Big 10” Mixtape

It’s a rapper! It’s an actor! It’s the heinously skinny version of his former self! Ladies and gentlemen, this past weekend marked the return of 50 Cent who, according to his Twitter feed, will be dropping a new mixtape entitled “Big 10” later this week to honor the anniversary of his debut mixtape, 2002’s “50 Cent Is The Future.” We’ve got the first track from the project. It’s called “Stop Crying” and it’s damn good. Here’s to rest of the “Big 10” following suit.

[Stream / download “Stop Crying” via 2DopeBoyz]

Javelin Hit The Streets of Brooklyn for Inspiration

You ever hear a sound around your house or neighborhood and think, “I could make an awesome beat out of that?” Well, Javelin actually walked around their Red Hook neighborhood in Brooklyn to make a track exclusively built around samples recorded around the way. The result is “By Hook Or By Crook,” a bouncy electronic array of sounds you’d never guess were taken from the streets and put into the studio.

[Stream / download “By Hook Or By Crook” via PureVolume]

Bon Iver Shares 10 New Videos From Deluxe Release

Today marks the deluxe release of Bon Iver’s self-titled sophomore album via Jagjaguwar. This deluxe edition comes with 10 visual accompaniments for each track, including the video embedded above for track “Holocene.” You can watch all ten videos on Bon Iver’s YouTube channel.

Austra Covers Roy Orbinson, Release “Feel It Break” Deluxe Edition

Speaking of deluxe editions, Toronto indie babes Austra release their stacked deluxe edition of the six-piece group’s debut “Feel It Break” digitally today. It features all the songs you’ve come to love plus a bonus disc of covers, b-sides and a remix stand-out “Beat and the Pulse” by none other than the Clown from Slipknot. We promise that is not an auto-correct error. One of those covers includes a haunting rendition of Roy Orbinson’s “Crying,” which you can stream below.

[Stream “Crying” via Domino Records/SoundCloud]

Fucked Up & Bruise Cruise Get Ready To Set Sail

The promo video for Bruise Cruise Festival above features Damian Abraham and the rest of the Fucked Up gang taking part in a paranoid-driven game of white elephant gift giving. It basically sums up our feelings about the cutthroat adventure of robbing your family members of the gift they desired most. Fair warning -- this video contains an inordinate amount of chest hair.

If you haven’t already heard, Bruise Cruise is yet another cruise ship festival with a punk rock twist featuring bands like the King Khan & the Shrines, the Soft Pack, Neil Hamburger, Fucked Up and more. It’s a drunken, studded and patched adventure on the high seas.

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