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Welcome to 2012! As you might’ve heard, this year will officially be the year of shitty “end of the world” parties, so ditch that New Year's hangover and start prepping the apocalyptic punch. And while we’d never dream of using this column for our personal agendas, we have to implore -- if anyone finds our pants from the other night, please let us know. A small cash sum and stale Christmas cookies will be rewarded to those kind enough to fork over the denim.

Just like us regular folk, some musicians take off time during the holidays. While those musicians sleep, others seize the day. Today, Media Candy is highlighting those musicians who’ve come crashing into 2012 so far with high quality goodies. Those goodies include new videos from the Scissor Sisters and Iron & Wine, a high-octane mixtape download from T.I., a sultry cover from the recently resurrected D’Angelo and some mathematic rock guitars courtesy of Cursive.

Scissor Sisters Take Us To School

No one marched into the end of the world like the Scissor Sisters. Available for download on February 12 and directed by Hiro Murai, the flamboyant New York disco/electro/whatever group dropped the video for “Shady Love.” And really, who better conveys the big personalities and even bigger sounds of the Scissor Sisters than a bunch of elementary school kids performing an off-the-wall yet charming school play? The Scissor Sisters look to be gearing up for a big year. Consider “Shady Love” a call to sequined arms. [Via NME]

T.I. Just Can’t Stop

T.I. can’t seem to keep his nose clean for very long. He knows how to use it to his advantage, too. Since his release from an 11-month county jail stint this past fall, T.I. has been mighty prolific. With his eighth studio album “Trouble Man” scheduled for a tentative February release, the Atlanta rapper has dropped a charting promotional single and appeared on several high profile remixes. He also wrote a book and has a reality TV show on VH1. Who said there are no post-penitentiary job opportunities out there?

Stretch yourself that thin and the quality might drop off. Sure, we haven’t had a chance to tap in to the televised drama of T.I. and his wife. But this guy is creatively consistent. On his latest mixtape, “Fuck Da City Up,” goes out-the-box hard with guest spots from Young Jeezy, Too Short, Pusha T and the elusive Dr. Dre (on highlight track “Popped Off”). See what we mean?

[Stream / download “Fuck Da City Up” via Dat Piff]


D’Angelo Returns To The Cool Blue Spotlight

At the end of January, D’Angelo will perform a trio of European shows -- his first in 10 years. A few weeks back, a revealing interview with Questlove let us know that the Roots mastermind and the R&B crooner were wrapping up work on “James River,” the singer’s highly anticipated third album. To complement the news, we now have a supposed demo off that upcoming release -- surprisingly enough, a cover of Soundgarden’s grunge anthem “Black Hole Sun.” We don’t expect this gem to float around the Internet for long, so enjoy it while you can.

[Stream “Black Hole Sun” via Headnodz!]

Iron & Wine Remind Us To Chill Out

It’s been almost a year since sedated songsters Iron & Wine released their critically acclaimed “Kiss Each Other Clean,” but these dudes know how to milk a press cycle. In their video for “Godless Brother In Love,” the group reminds us of the simple pleasures of walking aimlessly with your friends while awkwardly staring at one another. Like most everything these guys do, it’s a shockingly beautiful tune.[Via CoS]

Cursive Returns, Brings Guitars

We’ve had a love/hate relationship with Cursive over the years. But if “The Sun and Moon” is a sign of things to come from the group’s seventh full-length release “I Am Gemini” due February 21, we’re excited. It’s a slow boiled exploration of math rock with a dash of Ted Leo-esque hook infusion. Frontman Tim Kasher filled Rolling Stone in on the album concept, explaining that it was about estranged twin brothers reconnecting. Heavy stuff.

[Stream / download “The Sun and Moon” via Rolling Stone]

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