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This week in Media Candy, we’re running the gamut with news from Indio, California on the megastar line-up of this year’s Coachella Festival as well as brand new videos from indie boy bands Real Estate and the Arctic Monkeys. To boot, we’ve got tableside reading coming from the unlikely source of international DJ Diplo and Red Bull Music Academy’s announcement that’ll be taking over New York City for it’s 2012 installment.

Coachella Line-Up Announced, Boasts Big Reunions

Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg. Radiohead. The post-punk fantasy reunions of At The Drive-In and Refused. The Weeknd (who released the final installment of their mixtape trilogy), Pulp, Frank Ocean, Jeff Magnum and so many more. If Coachella doesn’t offer something for you, you just aren’t doing it right. Not to mention you now have two weekends to catch Coachella as ticket sales for the first weekend far exceeded expectations. Those aren’t rain dates -- those are identical weekends of shows. Must’ve been a blast to schedule. See the full line-up here, purchase tickets here and take off work for either April 13-15 or April 20-22.

Real Estate Makes It Look “Easy”

In the video for Real Estate’s dream pop jam “Easy,” the band enlists quite possibly the worst -- or best? -- street team known to humanity. They slap headphones on innocent bystanders, throw stickers, drink booze, eat cheesy puffs and, to top it all off, offer cocaine and cash for airtime at a local radio station. It’s strange how retro the concept behind this video seems. Street teams? Guerilla sticker marketing? Payola? Does this stuff actually happen? Real Estate is heading out on their first tour of the New Year, which kicks off with a sold out gig at Terminal 5 this Saturday and wraps up in April with the band’s first trip to Coachella.

Diplo Announces Book, “128 Beats Per Minute”

If a tour of his state of origin with Sleigh Bells and an upcoming Major Lazer release and tour wasn’t enough for you, the international DJ Diplo is now going to occupy your bookshelf. “128 Beats Per Minute: Diplo’s Visual Guide To Music, Culture & Everything In Between” features a foreword by Vogue award-winning designer Alexander Wang, what appears to be super clean photography Shane McCauley (Annie Leibowitz’ former assistant) and is due sometime in April of this year via Universe Publishing.

Arctic Monkeys Share “Black Treacle,” Additional Dates with Black Keys

In the Arctic Monkey’s video for fan favorite track “Black Treacle,” we’ve got a lonesome bride wandering through a field, some floating inanimate objects and what could easily be mistaken for some b-footage of that HBO show “Taxi Cab Confessions.” It all makes for one confusing clusterfuck of imagery that -- just like Real Estate’s video above -- recalls a simpler time when flannel was king and videos didn’t have to boast a plotline. Thanks for the flashback, Arctic Monkeys! Catch the UK studs on the road this spring with the Black Keys. A second leg of that mammoth US tour was just announced.

Red Bull Music Academy Picks NYC As 2012 Host City

The Red Bull Music Academy has brought its workshops, lecture sessions and music programming around the world including stops in London, Madrid, Berlin, Capetown and more. But in October of 2012, it’ll set up shop for a duo of two-week terms in the Big Apple. Young producers, musicians, DJs, instrumentalists and vocalists will be given every opportunity to foster their own skills as well as match up with likeminded talents, honing their sound by day and performing in historic NYC venues by night. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, folks. For interested parties, the application process opens February 2 and closes April 2. Stay in touch for updates.

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