Welcome to Media Candy where we'll be dishing out a mixtape from Das Racist’s Heems, a not-so-metal-but-still-so-metal video from folkster Ryan Adams and some indie-dipped delight from the likes of Lower Dens and Screaming Females. To top it all off, we say goodbye to a legendary record label.

Das Racist’s Heems Drops “Nehru Jackets” Mixtape

Das Racist’s Heems solo mixtape “Nehru Jackets” doesn’t just bang the box with production from Mike Finito and guest spots from Action Bronson, Danny Brown, Childish Gambino and more. It also helps raise awareness and benefit SEVA NY, a neighborhood organization dedicated to securing resources for “the most under resourced immigrant communities in New York City with a special focus on the South Asian and West Indian enclaves” in Queens. Musically, the release is more inline with what you might expect from Das Racist as a whole and we’re glad to announce that we’ll be blowing out our headphones with “Nehru Jackets” all week.

[Stream / download “Nehru Jackets” via MegaUpload]

Ryan Adams Shakes His Ass on a Los Angeles Rooftop

Ryan Adams is a conflicted man. He wants to be a metal god. But no matter how hard he tries, he’ll always be that baby faced folk dude married to that former baby faced pop star. It sounds like a knock, but it’s not. We love the dude. If people still made cassette mixes, he’d be on all of our break-up compilations. So, it’s always wonderful to watch him make the folk world and metal world meet each other head on like in his new video for the mellow “Chains of Love.” He’s wearing a Venom shirt, rocking a leather jacket and backed by two metal babes who shred when there is no actual shredding to be heard. Of course, the whole thing is finished off with fireworks. We like this wild and wacky world of genre colliding that Adams is subjecting us to.

nullLower Dens

Baltimore-based Lower Dens Share “Brains,” Prep Sophomore Release

On May 1 (April 30 internationally), Lower Dens will release their long-awaited sophomore release “Nootropics” via Ribbon Music. And for those playing along at home, it’s pronounced No-eh-tro-pics. You’re welcome. Considering we’ve got some time to kill till then, the Baltimore-based band was kind enough to let us listen in to the slowly building new single “Brains.” Well worth the 5-minute build. Pre-order the 10” single here and stream / download below.


Screaming Females Hit The Road, Get “Ugly”

After performing some 700+ shows around the world, a band hits that point in their career where they want to “reconnect” with their audience in more intimate venues. Screaming Females is taking their midlife band crisis one step further by hitting the road in February for a weeklong trek of free shows in record stores and bookstores. It’ll be in correlation with the release of the “It All Means Nothing” 7”, a track cut from their upcoming fifth album, “Ugly,” produced by Steve Albini and available April 3. Can’t make it? No problem. Screaming Females recently stopped by NPR for a stripped down Tiny Desk session. Watch that here, where you can also download the audio of the performance.

A Fond Farewell to Lookout! Records

After years of churning out some of the best California sun-dried punk acts, Lookout! Records is calling it quits. This doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise, but still sad to see a label that brought us the likes of Green Day, Rancid, Alkaline Trio, Ted Leo and many others close up shop. All mohawks will be gelled at half mast for the remainder of the day.

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