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This time around, we’re unwrapping a new video from Sleigh Bells while Action Bronson spits fire and the Men share a new single. To boot, we’ve got a premiere of Dr. Dog’s latest track and a downloadable goodie bag from MiMOSA. Who loves ya? 

Sleigh Bells Premiere Video for “Comeback Kid”

Get ready for your bell to be rung in 2012 courtesy of the Floridian duo known as Sleigh Bells. After audibly assaulting our eardrums with the “Treats” LP last year, Sleigh Bells is revving up to release “Reign of Terror” on February 21 via Mom + Pop Music. The first single off that album is “Comeback Kid,” which now has a video. And let us be the first to say it takes a lot to both capture and combine that “Natural Born Killers” moxie with that creepy “Twin Peaks” aesthetic. Hats off to these guitar slinging, drum machine programmin’ badasses for pulling it off.

Action Bronson Is “Strictly Business”

Before Queens-based rapper Action Bronson opens up his lyric book on new track “Strictly Business, Pt. 1 & 2,” the MC declares, “You’re about to get insurance on these ears, man.” Best believe! Over a clever flip of a Boyz II Men track (you heard us), Bronson brings his fierce sandpapered cadence and blasts us back to ’95. We don’t know if this dude will ever be rocking out arenas. But we’ll take track after quality track from Action Bronson until our speakers blow out. Thanks to Ambrosia For Heads for also sharing the videos of which this track was sampled.

[Download / stream “Strictly Business, Pt. 1 & 2” via Ambrosia For Heads]

MiMOSA Drops “Future Trill Mixxx”

For MiMOSA, touring is just an excuse to use those long stretches on the road for putting together a 22-minute mixtape with no space for filler. Needless to say, when everyone and their grandmother are encouraged to drop some mix (or remix) of their work, it’s a rarity to see one so punctual and tight. “Future Trill Mixxx” features cuts from MiMOSA’s latest release “Sanctuary” as well as a remix of Watch The Throne’s “Niggas in Paris.” Download the quick-hit mix below.

[Download “Future Trill Mixxx” via MediaFire]

Dr. Dog Premiere “Lonesome,” Prep Sixth Album

“What does it take to be lonesome?” asks Dr. Dog on the opening track to their six full-length LP “Be The Void” via ANTI- Records. We’re not really sure, but to Dr. Dog, when answering the question, it’s best to respond with sun-drenched southern guitars and lazy, addictive repetitiveness that really drives the point home. The track premiered early today over at Paste Magazine. The East Coast band has a handful of dates this spring, ending with a two-night homecoming hooray at Philadelphia’s Electric Factory.

[Stream “Lonesome” via Paste Magazine]

The Men Share “Open Your Heart”

Another band has slipped on their flannel pajamas and joined the slumber party! This time, it’s Brooklyn-based the Men. On “Open Your Heart,” the title track of their third album due March 6 via Sacred Bones, the Men blast through in a fury of reverb and distortion, picking up easy comparisons to the likes of the Replacements and Buffalo Tom along the way. The track premiered via NPR earlier today.

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