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This week in Media Candy, we’re marking down our calendars on the historic return of songstress Regina Spektor; getting stop-motion animated with Gotye; questioning the odd band names of Damian Albarn; and slipping into something much more comfortable with Miniature Tigers and so much more. Won’t you join us?

Regina Spektor Returns to the Spotlight

Two years is too long to be away from the lovely songstress Regina Spektor. So, it was very exciting to catch wind last night that Spektor was prepping for the release of her latest album “What We Saw From The Cheapseats” with single “All The Rowboats” (which you can stream below or purchase from iTunes).

To boot, Spektor is taking her show back on the road supporting none other than Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers on a quick jaunt through the South this spring. Welcome back, Regina!

Gotye Goes 360 With “Easy Way Out”

Gotye’s “Making Mirrors” has been making big waves in parts of the globe since last summer. But now, with his video for “Somebody That I Used To Know” eclipsing 90 million views coupled with an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this month, the Australian performer is finally getting his international dues.

“Making Mirrors” was given an US release earlier this year. Gotye will be touring this spring alongside friend, collaborator and fellow musician Kimbra. And now, he’ll be making another run at YouTube stardom with “Easy Way Out.”

After an extremely involved 9 month production process, “Easy Way Out” features Gotye in a fascinating blend of stop-motion animation and a dizzying 360 panning effect that manages to make the daily 9-to-5 grind all that more miserable and romantic. Of course, the easy way out is to set it all on fire.

Sleepy Sun Share New Track “Stivey Pond”

On April 10, Sleepy Sun will release “Spine Hits.” Produced by Dave Catching (ex-Queens of the Stone Age), “Spine Hits” picks up right where their sophomore release left off -- Southern fried and soaked in psychedelic chug.

The San Francisco-based band will be touring heavily this spring including stops at SXSW.

[Stream / download “Stivey Pond” via Consequence of Sound]

Damon Albarn’s Rocket Juice & the Moon Debuts Track

We cannot get over how much we dislike the name of this band. It reminds us of the type of band name that could only be conjured up in middle school or after nearly dehydrating at one of those high intensity, high temperature yoga retreats.

But we do dig our first taste of Damon Albarn’s supergroup made up of ultimate cameo actor and Red Hot Chili Pepper bass player Flea, as well as Afrobeat drummer aficionado Tony Allen. Our first listen to the self-titled album -- due March 27 via Albarn’s Honest Jon’s imprint -- is the powerful “Hey Shooter” featuring Erykah Badu.

[Stream “Hey Shooter” via Pitchfork]

Miniature Tigers Ride The Yacht Rock

Looking to throw on the aviators, your members only jacket and toss back lightweight vodka drinks all summer? We’ve found the soundtrack for your sophisticated debauchery.

Brooklyn-based Miniature Tigers are streaming their latest effort -- the dance inducing yet pleasantly sedate “Mia Pharaoh” -- over at SPIN. If this doesn’t get you to slip into a nice pair of boat shoes and white pants, we don’t know what will.

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