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Bassnectar Slams Your Head Against the Wall With “Ugly”

Holy shit. Head swimming. Vision blurred. Eardrums bloodied and smeared against the wall. Must. Make it. To summer! Because with the release of Bassnectar’s new track “Ugly,” we know that it’ll be a good one.

On the blistering drum-and-then-some track, the West Coast-based Bassnectar proves once again that you can’t just toss his body of work under the dubstep umbrella. On April 10, he’ll make it clear with the release of full-length “Vava Voom,” featuring guest spots from Lupe Fiasco, Amp Live and more. The Bassnectar camp will couple that with a jaunt through North America.

[Download / stream “Ugly” via Spin]

Metronomy Announces Coldplay Opening Dates, Drop Remixes

The name Metronomy keep popping up on your radar? Well, that’s with good reason! With the release of the third album, “The English Riviera,” these Brits shot to new heights. The climb isn’t over yet. The group recently announced they’d be handling the opening duties for a handful of dates on Coldplay’s North American trek. To boot, we also get a phenomenal collection of remixes of Metronomy’s “English Riviera” tracks -- the aptly titled “The English Riviera Remixes” LP out today. Stream the excellent Two Inch Punch remix of “The Look” below.


Simian Mobile Disco Return!

It seems like forever ago that “Temporary Pleasures” was jammed in our car stereo, never leaving its nifty little home inside our shitty Kenwood CD player as Simian Mobile Disco ravaged our speakers. In reality, that was 2009. It’s strange to think how much music has changed. Who the hell burns a CD?

But we digress. It’s 2012 now and SMD is set to return with their third proper full-length “Unpatterns” on May 15 via Wichita Recordings. To celebrate, stream new track “Seraphim” below. We especially love the turn it takes right before the 2-minute mark.


Bowerbirds Drop “The Clearing” With Matching Video

Today, the Bowerbirds released “The Clearing.” You can purchase it here. You might’ve already heard it -- it’s been streaming here, but now, you can physically own it. And while you hold it in your hands, you can watch the video for standout track “Tuck The Darkness In,” in which a sensitive soon-to-be-vegan boy brings a fish back to life. It’s adorable.

Ninjasonik Drop EP, Single “Only If You Want To”

Below, you’re going to enjoy a new Ninjasonik track (the creative minds of MCs Telli Gramz and Jah brought together) that manages to be a snotty high school anthem as well as a sophisticated (and mightily catchy) summer jam. It reminds us of if the Black Eyed Peas actually made good music. Now, some of you might be asking, “But the Black Eyed Peas already make good music?” And sure, we’ve all been busted enjoying the fuck out of a Black Eyed Peas song on the radio. But they suck. Ninjasonik does it way better.

The new Ninjasonik EP, “No Swords Or Masks,” dropped today. Stream/download “Only If You Want To” below.


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