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This week you can stream the latest single from Björk, who is one-upping all artists by releasing an album app, documentary and video in one attainable package; the Teddybears get creepy with Cee Lo Green; Charlene Kaye gets your ends; and the “Dark Knight Rises” goes viral. Read on for the only spot in the Internet to give you the good goods -- every week.

Björk Drops Album App, Second Single

Thanks to Björk, we’ve got an idea of just how much Media Candy can truly encompass. The sentiment comes in the form of a traditionally released album, Michel Gondry-directed video, interactive app and a documentary -- or, as the Icelandic performer describes it, “the way I wanna release my new album.” Because you don’t just release music anymore, you make an experience out of it. We like that.

Björk’s upcoming album, “Biophilia” (September 27 via One Little Indian/Nonesuch Records), will have the boring old physical/digital release combo for those unwilling to loosen their grip on the past. But for those digital pioneers of the cyberverse, the album’s ten tracks will also be released as an audiovisual-based app complete with interactive gaming components, exclusive essays, animations, music scores with karaoke playback (!) and more. The app is currently available for free for your iPad, iPhone and iPod.

You can also stream Björk’s latest single from the project -- the grandiose and elegant “Cosmogony” -- below.

[Stream via Consequence of Sound/All Neon Like]

Teddybears Get Weird With Cee Lo Green & the B-52’s

If you’ve ever stalked someone or currently manage an exciting collection of restraining orders, this video is for you! Take the soprano soul of Cee Lo Green, the comically deadpan delivery of the B-52’s, the creepy subject of a documentary about former teen pop star Tiffany and you’ve got the Teddybears’ video for “Cho-Cha.” It’s a shockingly twisted affair, but damn that song is catchy! We also can’t help love Swedish producers teaming up with musicians you’d never normally think would work together. But seriously, shit is pretty out there…

Charlene Kaye Takes Your Money & Makes Music With It

Why wait for some gaudy cash advance from a record label when your fans are ready and waiting with wallets wide open? That’s what Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Charlene Kaye did, raising $33,000 to release sophomore album, “Animal Love.” Ah, the powers of micro financing!

To thank her fans for their overwhelming support and their loose change from in between their collective cushions, Kaye has released the Greek mythology infused video for the moody folk power ballad “Human.” Good investment!

[More info / video via Huffington Post]

Little Dragon Stream New Album  

null Joshua Hanford/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

This past year at Movement 2011 in Detroit, we had the opportunity to sit down with the members of Little Dragon. During our lengthy sit down, the Swedes teased us with details of their upcoming release. Now, we can finally hear the damn thing for ourselves.

“Ritual Union,” due next Tuesday, is being described as a creative jumping off point for the group. But to anyone who has followed their previous work, “Ritual Union” shines when the group’s musical strengths are isolated and amplified to 11. It’s a 43-minute adventure that sorts through the hits and misses of the past, staying loose but on track the whole time with efforts like the funky and neurotic “Precious,” or the retro-fitted “Shuffle A Dream.” Fall in love with Little Dragon and lead singer Yukimi Nagano below.

[Stream via NPR]

“The Dark Knight Rises” Goes Viral

This past weekend, droves of Harry Potter fanatics were the first to witness the teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan’s delightfully dark “The Dark Knight Rises.” In a demonstration of awesome irony, those same droves were responsible for demolishing previous box office records “The Dark Knight” had set. Now, those of us more concerned with superheroes than magic wands, can enjoy the trailer for ourselves.

Sure, it leaves much to be desired, but Nolan has proven himself more than competent in telling the story of Bruce Wayne and Batman. However, some are worried that wrapping up the loose ends of the storyline while welcoming three additional villains could prove too much for the wunderkind director. Thoughts?

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