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Tenacious D Plot Tour, Plan to Release “Greatest Recording Ever"

Budding high school comedians rejoice! Jack Black and Kyle Gass are joining forces once again to release a brand new Tenacious D record and hit the road. “Rize of the Fenix” is set for a May 15 release and tickets for the upcoming tour can be purchased here. To share the news with the world, Tenacious D released the cameo-laden video of their subsequent fall and victorious montage back to the top of the pops.

A-Trak, Danny Brown & Juicy J Piss In A Cup For No Man

It’s a dream team of main offenders on “Piss Test,” the first track to spill out from Fool Gold’s Records upcoming hip-hop sampler entitled “Loosies.” Juicy J (of Three 6 Mafia fame and this awesome but short lived MTV reality show) struts his Southern stylistics with the best of ‘em while Detroit’s own Danny Brown can’t help but go hard on the anti-probation banger. Listen below.

The Strange Boys Share “Doueh” Video

If you’re anything like us, then you’ve been digging on the Strange Boys’ latest album “Live Music” for a minute now. Now, we’ve got a video for standout track “Doueh,” which premiered over at Aquarium Drunkard. Check out the gloriously casual video below.

Zammuto Streams Self-Titled Debut

Over at Spin, Books co-founder Nick Zammuto is streaming his debut solo album in full -- the aptly titled Zammuto. The album will be released a week from today via Temporary Residence and will be followed by month-long jaunt of tour dates.

Jet Is Leaving Us For Good

Many of you will be asking yourself, “Jet has kind of been broken up in my mind for nearly a decade!” And yes, it does look like the break-up announcement of Australian garage-rockers Jet is turning into the Internet’s joke du jour. But let’s be honest, people! When Jet’s “Are You Gunna Be My Girl?” hit the radio, you were glad your mom turned it up. You secretly loved that song and you secretly loved Jet -- no matter how many times that damn iPod commercial played. Now, let’s mourn.

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