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This week, we’re hanging out with a slew of indie daydreamers like the Postelles, Wishes and Thieves and Brooklyn’s Fan-Tan. Not your thing? We’ve also got some psychedelic metal care of the mysterious Big Business and a dash of remix action from White Denim.

Wishes And Thieves Take You For A Swim

If this is any sign that the trip-hop genre is making a comeback -- like we’ve traveled through time and Massive Attack’s “Mezzanine” just came out -- then we are more than excited. It’s the final scene of a summer blockbuster and we’re on the edge of our seats.

Wishes And Thieves are a New York-based, fresh-faced quartet that specializes in down tempo bliss, helmed by singsong female vocals and the atmospherics to match. To speed up the process of indie fame, the group has re-released their debut “Lighthouse EP” for free download on their official website. Stand out tracks like the self-titled single and “We Lie” prove that no song on this EP was spared a badass bass line and that Wishes and Thieves will soon to be the soundtrack to your life. With a name brand producer and some studio backing, Wishes and Thieves can feel the sun through their glass ceiling.

[Download “Lighthouse EP” via Wishes and Thieves]

The Postelles Release Free Covers EP

It’s been a long labor of love to release the Postelles’ self-titled debut LP. The group signed to Capitol in 2008, accomplishing little during their major label purgatory except for the “White Night EP” (produced by Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr.). The group would eventually be dropped two-and-a-half years later by the label via a phone call from a suit. You don’t think these types of stories still happen but just ask the Postelles -- they definitely still do.

Thankfully, the Postelles waded through the bullshit long enough to release their record -- a twist-and-shout affair built around analog recordings, a keen liking for ‘50s and ‘60s pop rock radio singles and enough leather jackets to outfit multiple chapters of the Hell’s Angels. Considering that these boys are probably bubbling over with material, they could hardly wait a month before dropping a free EP of covers entitled, ahem, “Summer Undercovers.” Anchored by a dead-on cover of the Smiths’ “Ask” and a live rock through of the Ramones “Beat On The Brat,” the EP also features covers by more obscure artists Joe Jones and Wreckless Eric. For the price of an e-mail, you can stream / download below.

[Stream / download “Summer Undercovers EP” via the Postelles]

Fan-Tan Release Single from Upcoming Fall Release

A successful spring tour does a band’s body good. Brooklyn’s Fan-Tan is taking those good vibes into the summer and into the studio to record their upcoming November release, “A Strange Game.”

To fend off their fans, Fan-Tan has dropped a shimmering, Joy Division-esque single from that record entitled “1989.” If you are 22, you can definitely relate.

[Stream / download via Fan-Tan’s BandCamp]

Big Business Don’t Do Rumors, Stream EP

Time to wake up! Big Business is a big sounding band. They don’t casually take the stage. They hit the stage carrying shovels of sonic sludge ready to splash the crowd and crumble ear drums into dust. Pretty aggresively awesome, right?

And when they hit the studio -- apparently amidst a bunch of bizarre-o rumors like a drug-fueled freak out and a possible lawsuit involving Joe Rogan and Cameron Diaz -- their sound is just as punishing. Their streaming their latest EP, “Quadruple Single,” all this week at Brooklyn Vegan (see below). This effort is their first with guitarist Scott Martin.

[Stream “Quadruple Single” via Brooklyn Vegan]

White Denim Get Remixed By Peter, Bjorn & John Member

White Denim make the type of music you’d find hidden away in your parents’ basement, trapped inside the crevices of a dusty piece of vinyl that hasn’t been played for decades. It’s psychedelic, it’s way out there and it’s your new favorite. White Denim gets some remix action on “Drugs,” a song about drugs, courtesy of Peter, Bjorn & John’s Bjorn. He takes that organ to a whole new level and somehow manages to distort the original even further. Isn’t it cool when artists who make similar music get together to fuck with each other’s shit? It’s like one big collective trip in the backseat of a retooled school bus.

[Download / stream “Drugs” remix via RCRDLBL]

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