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This week, we’re running the gamut on genre. Rapper Drake shares the first single off his upcoming album, while rock ‘n’ rollers War On Drugs stream their new album in its entirety. Spank Rock take us to an ironic dinner party in their new video -- while My Morning Jacket drinks hallucinogenic alcohol in theirs. Philly producer rjd2 puts it all in perspective for us with a new side project.

Drake Makes “Headlines”

On “Headlines,” the first single off Drake’s sophomore album “Take Care” due October 24, the Toronto rapper seems like he has a chip on his shoulder. Lyrically, the single revolves around Drake regaining his gusto and finally putting together his “overdue” second album.

This must be hip-hop continuing to do its sarcastic, self-conscious thing – “Thank Me Later” came out just over a year ago; our radio won’t stop playing the guy. Of course, you can’t help but root for Drake and his imaginary comeback.

Like the rest of “Take Care,” Boi-1da produced the single. It’s more of that understated, slowly building momentum style of production that fits Drake’s flow like a fitted cap. Pitchfork is also reporting that Stevie Wonder is also helping out with the album. Pretty cool.

You can stream “Headlines” over at Nah Right. A downloadable version of the track is below.

[Download via October’s Very Own]

rjd2 Returns With Icebird Side Project

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It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Philadelphia-based producer rjd2. But since we’ve heard from him, a lot has happened. For one thing, he now spells his stage name in all lowercase letters. For another, his work creating the theme song for “Mad Men” has helped secure lots of lucrative licensing deals.

But the most exciting thing of all is his new side project Icebird with fellow Philadelphian soul singer Aaron Livingston (who has worked with rjd2 and the Roots in the past).

The duo’s debut album The Abandoned Lullaby is out October 11 courtesy of rjd2’s own label, RJ’s Electrical Connections. You can download and stream single “Going And Going. And Going” below. The track is also available through iTunes.

[Download / stream via Audible Treats]

The War On Drugs Give Away “Slave Ambient”

Once again, we’re back in the city of brotherly love. This time, there are a lot more guitars. Philly’s The War On Drugs, helmed by main member Adam Granduciel, is the type of group that obsesses in the studio -- multiple takes, multiple versions of songs, reels of tape lying around, alternative endings, the whole deal.

But where most obsessions with land you with a restraining order, The War On Drugs obsession has landed them critical acclaim and a Springsteen-esque, Americana suburban sound we love (Asbury Park is only like 77 miles away, right?). It’s a “built up but stripped down” sound; the wooden shell of a house knowing exactly what’ll look like when it becomes a home.

The War On Drugs has put more of that signature sound into their upcoming album “Slave Ambient” via Secretly Canadian out two weeks from today on August 16. The video for single “Come To The City” is above; a stream of the entire album is below.

[Stream via Urban Outfitters]

Spank Rock Hosts A Haunted Dinner Party

On September 27, Spank Rock will release the bluntly titled “Everything is Boring & Everyone is a Fucking Liar.” If the name of the album was a motto of what not to do, Spank Rock accomplished that with the black-and-white video for “DDT DADT.”

What seems to be a normal sprocket dinner party goes horribly awry when a gang of shapes attacks our mild-mannered dinner guests. Yeah, it’s pretty weird. You might want to decipher any sort of hidden meanings for yourself.

My Morning Jacket Takes Drugs, Makes Video

My Morning Jacket’s “Circuital” has been out since spring. The group has been touring non-stop with the likes of the lovely Neko Case in support of the album. Now, the boys of MMJ are bringing what they do best on the road for the video “Holdin’ On To Black Metal.” It’s psychedelics on a budget. You’ve got a weird, mysterious potion served by a devious bartender, a plug-and-play robotic version of the band and lots and lots of live footage from My Morning Jacket’s performance at this year’s Bonnaroo. Enjoy!

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