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On this fine Tuesday, we’re letting people know that the members of Chromeo and Solange are totally an item. Meanwhile, Her Space Holiday are taking themselves out of orbit; James Pants has little regard for your mental health; Moogfest ’11 is bolstering their line-up and psych-rockers Prussia are giving away their latest efforts. Enjoy!

Chromeo Impregnate Beyonce’s Sister

Hey, remember last week when we were talking about Mayer Hawthorne going on tour with the ultimate Hall & Oates tribute band known as Chromeo? Well, we’ve got more on yacht-rock, synth-soaked Chromeo front.

While we were away, Chromeo was busy impregnating Solange (Beyonce’s lovely, indie-hearted sister) along with a bevy of ladies in their video for “Business Casual” single “When The Night Falls (featuring Solange).” It’s kind of like a zombie flick if pregnant women where Chromeo-crazed zombies. We couldn’t ask for more. A director’s cut of the video is streaming over at Pitchfork. Please wear protection while watching this video.

Her Space Holiday Stream Final Album

Today marks the day that Marc Bianchi, otherwise known as Her Space Holiday, tosses in the towel. 15 years! That’s longer than most marriages these days.

It seems like just yesterday the self-deprecating indie classic “Japanese Gum” was providing the soundtrack to our most angst-ridden moments. But here we are with Bianchi releasing his self-titled eighth and final studio record under the Her Space Holiday moniker. The occasion is special for both bandmaster and rabid fan.

This week, Bianchi will take over as guest editor of the fantastically alternative Magnet magazine (he’ll also be announcing final Her Space Holiday tour dates in the coming days).

Below, we’ve got a stream of the whole thing courtesy of Self-Titled. For shits and giggles, here’s the video for “Japanese Gum” one last time.

[Stream via Self-Titled]

James Pants Debuts Psychedelic-As-Fuck Video

Stones Throw Records has one of our favorite musical rosters going. Where else can you feel the Pasadena, California, space-funk of Dam-Funk, catch a Peanut Butter Wolf DJ set and get lost in the sonic wonder of Madlib’s many (and we seriously mean many) beat compilations? The answer is … well, Stones Throw. Good job!

Fellow weird-o space-funk cadet James Pants released his self-titled junior effort this past May on the label. Now, a track off that record -- the vocal-drenched yet strangely stripped down “Clouds Over The Pacific” -- has gotten its own video. With the help of New Age guru Iasos, Pants treats us to yet another visual mindfuck. Just sit back, relax and get weird with it.

Moogfest ‘11 Adds James Murphy, TV On The Radio, Flying Lotus

Moogfest is a young festival, but it represents a rich history. It succeeds where some festivals fail by honoring a central theme -- Bob Moog, the man who invented the instrument that revolutionized electronic music and the thousands of musicians who have embraced that boundary-defying ethos. Much has been made of Moogfest’s array of talent bookings in recent years (organizers believe the Moog and its history is more of “a thread, not a box”), but this year it’s tough to disagree with the diversity going down in Ashville, North Carolina during Halloween weekend (October 28-30).

Brian Eno will be unveiling his “77 Million Paintings.” A mini “Moogseum” will be on display. Former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy will take the stage with Pat Mahoney. Recent additions like Flying Lotus, TV On The Radio, St. Vincent and Yacht are filling out the roster with dudes like Moby (full band), STS9, the Flaming Lips and plenty of others. For more info, visit

Prussia Tell You To “Just Download The Damn Thing”

null Prussia

Detroit freak-folk popsters Prussia have released the first of three-part 10” album, “Poor English, Pt. 1.” The first four tracks demonstrate how a group of five dudes can easily sound like they’re performing at a ‘50s prom, sticking their guitar strings into electrical sockets or embracing the best of ‘60s psychedelia in one-third of an album.

It’s schizophrenic yet cohesive, it’s pretty good and it’s available on a “pay what you will” scale (for you cheapskates out there, that means “free”) over at the band’s BandCamp below.

[Stream / download via BandCamp]

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