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Hey, it’s Tuesday again! This week, we’re highlighting Iceage from Denmark, Damon Albarn’s trip to Congo and some good ol’ American synth-psych courtesy of Neon Indian. We’ve also got the soulful stylings of Goapele on her latest single and the weird combination of Soulja Boy, Andrew W.K. and Matt & Kim performing together. Dive in!

Damon Albarn Heads To Congo

In the past five years, Damon Albarn has designed the opening sequence for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, written and performed in a “very English” opera, took a minute out of his busy day to reunite with Blur and, you know, still helms the cartoon-fronted Gorillaz.

He’s, like, a really busy dude who somehow manages to avoid stepping on an artistic mine and blowing away any public interest we might have in him. Instead, he only keeps us guessing and wanting more.

Now Albarn is gearing up to release of DRC Music, an album recorded over five days this past July in the city of Kinshasa located in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The whole idea behind the project -- entitled “Kinshasa One Two” set for a digital release on October 3 -- was to work a collective of native musicians and artists like Jupiter and the Okwess International, Bokatola System and more to capture that Congolese sound. Proceeds from the album will benefit the said musicians and the charitable federation of Oxfam. Three tracks from the album are available to stream below.

[Stream via SoundCloud]

Iceage Tour The States, Release Video

If you haven’t had your ears bombarded by the Danish force of fury known as Iceage, you’ve most likely been whimpering in a soundproof corner in your basement. But today is the day you face these punk-ass young dude guitar slingers front and center.

In their video for “You’re Blessed,” the latest single off of their critically acclaimed debut “New Brigade,” Iceage slapped together their recent tour footage from all of the United States and made it look like those ‘80s hardcore punk videos we spend way too much time watching on YouTube. It’s simple and forceful -- just the way we like our Iceage.

Neon Indian Release Infomercial

Since Neon Indian released “Psychic Chasms” in ’09, the group has cemented itself in the world of indie chill wave vibes (we’re sure that means something somewhere). This September, they’ll continue surfing those waves with the release of “Era Extraña.”

An extremely deluxe version of that release will come with the typical t-shirt, poster, digital and vinyl releases. But it will also come with a custom mini-analog synthesizer called the PAL189X that features “swappable controls that allow all three of its oscillators to be independently controlled.”

For all those cool items plus the synth, it’s only $50. We say go for it. To preview that awesome idea of giving away a synth with your new album, Neon Indian has created an infomercial to highlight the synth (and more!) via a very Tim & Eric-esque video. Enjoy!

null Goapele

Goapele Streams New Single

For years, Goapele has been a soulful staple among her contemporaries. But on her upcoming album “Break of Dawn” due this fall, Goapele wants to let her deep, down-tempo and soulful vibe shine even more. From the second the seductive snaps drop on single “Play,” it’s apparent that Goapele floats between a world of mainstream pop and indie darkness, taking notes from both Portishead and the brief yet impactful catalog of Timbaland protégé Aaliyah. The video for “Play” is due next week, but you can stream the single for yourself today.

[Stream via SoundCloud]

Soulja Boy, Matt & Kim and Andrew W.K. Walk Into A Bar…

Isn’t it always a bit shocking when projects like this work? You wouldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams that Soulja Boy, Matt & Kim and Andrew W.K. would make sweet, sweet music together but by the hands of Converse, they have. To be honest, “I’m A Goner” is kinda catchy.

Putting together a clever video where Andrew W.K. and Matt & Kim are impaled by music instruments, come back to life and lead a zombie dance party while Soulja Boy raps himself back to life in the cooler of a morgue wasn’t a bad move either. Download the single below.

[Download “I’m A Goner” via Converse]

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